Example of deception-Evolution-The Big Lie- Variation Within a Biblical Kind-Extrapolated to Become Humans from Fish

A prime example of Satan’s deception and his strategy to enforce it is found in how evolution has become mainstream.  Take a look at my mates above-high intellects all (except Trev obviously:)), as quick witted as anyone and highly educated, yet they all, bar me buy into evolution. Neither can I convince them otherwise. Why? They have been bombarded, almost from birth, at school and on all mainstream media with evolution taught as fact  The change within ‘baramin’ kinds being unjustifiably extrapolated [1] to give an explanation for all species. The PR campaign has been ruthless and just about everyone has been surrounded with the many sound bites and images. Come against it and you may well lose your job. But it is not the truth,

Continual Change is Constant in Gods Creation but is it guided? Is there a little bit of evolution?

(A very slight nod to theistic Evolutionists again) (‘Bara miyn’ kinds here)

I am not a subscriber to Theistic Evolution (TE) I think the believers in this paradigm have been deceived by the master at it.  I am defining Theistic Evolutionists as having a belief in evolution and its common ancestry view and also the vast time frames that go with it. TE also says that God is somehow in control of this process and will typically say Genesis is more allegory or poetic.

The Long Life-Long Gap Model provides a model that answers all of their questions but adheres very strictly to scripture and especially to Genesis, so the theistic approach is no longer needed. The answers were in Genesis all the time and it most definitely is not just a poem or allegory.

God Did It

Here is a typical evolutionist v creationist argument, it goes like his, evolutionists just say ‘given enough time anything will happen.’ Creationists say the odds are impossible. Evolutionists say ‘you just replace the impossible odds with ‘God did it’ when you meet something unexplainable’. Christians also point out that the when confronted with the impossible, the secularists give it a new name and attribute impossible functions to it, e.g. ‘Big Bang’ or ‘punctuated equilibrium’ so equally just as much a faith statement as Christians.

Well this line of argument used to rankle with me, but really evolutionists have a point. Although, I believe, the Long Life-Long Gap Model explains everything and it is biblical, but in the end we do have to come down to a supernatural God intervening from his spiritual realm into our physical realm sooner or later.

Right Genomes, Right Place, Right Time (A Lord of Logistics)

The idea of God intervening is not without some biblical merit and I think when God blesses (Genesis 1:28) His creation, this statement is a promise of continuing care. I suggest that part of this is not necessarily a supernatural input but more an unfathomable control of our world to the minutest of detail. A Lord of logistics.

Although we can use natural processes and laws to define how God works ultimately the deeper we go eventually we have to reach the level of God doing something supernatural.

Evolutionists describe life evolving as a tree starting off with a single single cell organism as the base and slowly moving up the tree adding more complexity as it goes. Branches of the tree showing the evolutionary relationships between all biological species. Todd Wood (here) used the same metaphor but suggested that there was a whole forest of trees each representing the biblical kinds. I would like to take Todd’s analogy further.

It is not so much an evolutionary tree but I imagine it more like millions of bushes shaped like inverted cones, each cone representing a ‘kind’ and capable of changing anywhere within the bush, but always growing, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. Some bushes are very divergent and wide while others are thin. Slice through any level of the bushes en masse and you will get a perfect eco system with all the bushes touching each other and interacting together. Take a layer of the shrub and place it in a different layer and it will not thrive or even fail to survive in any higher or lower level, it is perfect for its present level only.

Change is constant in God’s creation: These bushes can grow in any directions within the ‘bush’, but the potential for growth in that direction was there from the beginning. The bushes will grow towards the light. It will always be a part of and within the same bush or ‘kind’. The shrubs may instead grow away from the light and even in this situation God’s perfect design will ‘fit’ the situation it is in.  (I would not be surprised if some changes were after a certain number of generations or even timed.)

God’s blessing directing the flow, not so much epigenetics which clearly will play a role also but more like “Elohim-favoured-genetics!” Or even “epi-sin responsive genetics”? Maybe? This may explain why seemingly non-predators can so quickly become predators.

Evolutionists draw a line from the root of the ‘shrubs’ and join them altogether and class the shrub as branches of its tree. In my opinion there is no such line and the intermediaries have never been and will never be found. They never existed.

There is plenty of fossil evidence for branches within ‘shrubs’ being linked chronologically and in the correct order and also modern examples but absolutely none for shrubs being form the same tree.

It is an unjustified extrapolation  {1} to consider this as so and in my opinion not even close to being backed up by the fossil record. It has been a master class in deceit.

1, From a quote by James Tour here

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Millions and millions and millions of people have been and are being.

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‘‘ye, did God say He created all things?’


Dawkins’ Book: The God Delusion-A Possible  Double Meaning for Bible Believing Christians

If you are a Christian and believe in the inerrancy of the Bible then I have often thought Richard Dawkin’s best seller book title ‘The God Delusion’ could be interpreted in two different ways.  Its intended meaning is the whole concept of a there being a God is, in fact, a delusion.

But, the Bible tells us God does send strong delusions to people who repeatedly ignore his many advances and he sometimes seals them into their misunderstandings and fate. (2 Thessalonians 2:11). This seeming to be a kind of earthly judgment upon those people and God appearing to be proactive in the process. Delusion is the actual word used in the KJV.  So it could be that ‘God Delusion’ as a title to Dawkins’ best seller is very accurate, as Dawkins describes in great detail the delusion God has sent him?

Evolutionist are not Stupid or Nefarious or Conspirators against Christianity

I want to distance myself from creationists who are at war with evolutionists and consider them stupid or driven by a wicked agenda. I understand the evolution argument, I get it. I can see how the fossil record at first glance supports evolution, but in my opinion it does not even come close to standing up to closer scrutiny at any level and you have to be aware of ABCD to understand this. (See below)

It Must be that Only Now Does God Want Everyone to Know Without Doubt That There is a God

It would be easy for God to orchestrate public debates between creationist and evolutionists and I used to wonder why he did not. (Invariably the creationists seem to win these debates, especially Steven Meyer) But I am increasingly thinking that in this era it may be that God allows this explanation to be available to people who wilfully seek a lie to rationalise their atheism.

Just a little diligence and research, just a little searching will quickly lead you to the conclusion that evolution is just not good science.

lKat Kerr prophecies a soon coming time when there will be no argument that there is a God. Once established that there is a God then the argument will, I believe shift and it is my guess that many of the people, no, very many who we have been arguing with for years for evolution will still not believe in the Christian God but will chase after the alternatives (other Gods or explanations refuting the Christian God)

I am sure these alternatives will be on offer then. It was not evolution that they believed but it was the consequences of a Christian faith that they will avoid. They did not believe the sign of Jonah nor will they believe the signs to come. (Luke 11:29-30)


Data, Misinformation, Disinformation and a Day of Reckoning

Misinformation: false or inaccurate information, false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead.

Disinformation: false information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by an organization to a rival power or the media especially in war time.

Tergiversate, Deliberate withholding of Information: Withholding information that may be central to an argument. The legal term would be the obstruction of justice but here I suggest it is more an obstruction of truth and an obstruction of true scientific principles. Bias by omission.

The statistical odds argument against random mutations driving evolution are now so strong, that in my opinion, any evolutionist who knows them and chooses not to publicise them is guilty of one of the above.

There is no doubt that some in the scientific community may be gullible and others frightened of rocking the boat and damaging their career prospects by revealing their doubts in evolution. I have sympathy for them. There are several stories of scientists losing their jobs due to their Christian views or lack of support for evolution. But the truth will prevail. Barry Setterfield here is an example

lKerr does describe a soon coming time when some people will have to give account of themselves for not revealing the truth and some will be shown to be liars.

Are Evolutionists Mentioned in Romans 1? Worshiping the Creation?

Part of worshiping is to give praise, and part of praise is to pay due respect to the scale, elegance and awesome beauty of the creation. So, in your prayers to say ‘Great Job God’ is a form of worship.

Romans 1:18 (NKJV)

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness

Romans 1:25 (KJV)

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen’

The above verses may be referring to people worshiping the Earth centred religions, pantheists or Gaia hypothesis advocates etc, those who literally worship the Earth. But it may refer to evolutionists worshipping the creation by giving it such creative skills to create itself from inanimate matter? Are evolutionists mentioned in Romans 1? The rest of Romans 1 describes what to expect in a nation or world that denies the creation is by God.

Satan’s Modus Operandi-Deception- (His aim: Steeling, Killing and Destroying).

John 10:10

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly

ABCD-(Anything But Christ’s Deity)

I am not a ‘truther’, probably not a ‘birther’ and not a ‘flat earther’ and I do not believe there are extra-terrestrials (just, however, intra-dimensionals (see L A Marzulli.net)) but I do believe in one conspiracy theory and that is as simple as ABCD (Anything But Christ’s Deity). Anything that seeks to deny or dilute Christ’s deity will have been instigated or propagated somewhere along the line by dark forces and is part of Satan’s very astute and strategic plan to steal your soul.

I think Satan and his billions (or maybe trillions) do not know what you are thinking but he can identify the general message from your circumstances and demeanour and voice. He can put thoughts, emotions. urges and ideas into your mind/soul.

So, every thought that comes into your head does not necessarily originate from you. He can put fear, menace, joy and all of the emotions in your mind. He can act on you physically and can introduce spirits into you (if you invite them) that may draw you in certain directions like a magnet. He can orchestrate situations to make you fall.

Thankfully, he is restrained, otherwise as I said above, he would, I believe, just kill the entire human race.

He is more than a match intellectually for any human.

He is envious of us because he was not made in God’s image with regard to design-a spirit body and soul that correspond God the Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Note how in the end times there is Satan himself, the Beast and the Antichrist to match, as he again tries to mimic God.

More people do openly worship Satan than is realised and he may well give them supernatural abilities.

He can thus, influence people without their knowledge and with that power seems to favour manipulating public opinion by the following ways. It really is as simple as ABCD once you know what to look for.






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