Q21. The difference between create and made is not valid.

Answer the distinction is absolutely valid see the page on this site here. This page shows there are several passages that confirm the consistent and different use of bara/create and asah/make.  I suggest God is precise and for Him to consistently use different words to mean the same thing would be slapdash. There is a consistency of meaning throughout which yields much information. It is inconceivable that God would be careless with his word meaning. (More likely the language itself was formed with scripture in mind). I can find no consistent and different meanings to the words ‘asah’ and ‘bara’ that fits in with anything but Gap Theory.

Q22 Ezekiel 28 does not fit with GAP.

Answer: Ezekiel 28 absolutely fits with a gap. See this site here Seven Beginnings.

Q23 The time of judgement of angels is not specified in the Bible.

Answer: But careful scrutiny will reveal it to be Between Genesis 1:1 and  Genesis 1:2 and is consistent with a Gap. Satan had fallen by the time Adam was tempted. Non Gap Theorists have to have Satan’s fall between day 1 and Adam’s fall, there seems to be insufficient  time for this in earthly terms at any rate.

Logic dictates and lKerr confirms that the angels are judged at the same time as Satan. They rebelled and Satan was judged after this rebellion. Kerr also reveals that the judgment is not coincident and is consecutive. Billions (or even trillions) of angels falling like lightning consecutively is a very prolonged and huge arc plasma event.

Psalm 82:5-8 (KJV)

They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.

6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes

This seems to be a description of judged angels walking on a ‘shaking’ planet earth, (which sounds a lot like the world described in Jeremiah 4). When did this happen? This is consistent with not being men as they will die ‘like’ men. It points at a previous creation and it points at these ‘Gods’ as being angels.

Q24 There was time for an angelic rebellion between day 6 and Adam sinning.

Answer: Because there is no time in heaven, this may be possible but Satan did take time to canvas his merchandise around heaven so God’s judgement was not instant l(Kat Kerr)

Ezekiel 28:13-19 (KJV) Describes Satan’s trafficking his merchandise and Kerr has revealed that this is Satan travelling around heaven canvassing support for his rebellion.

Logically, how could Satan fall, thereby sin would be in him and canvas all the 1/3 of all angels, likely to be billions and billions in the time between creation day 1 and Adam falling. There is no time frame given for Adam’s fall relative to the creation yet this still seems an impossible task timewise. Remember Satan and ALL the angels were shouting for joy at the creation of the world and hence presumably had not fallen then. (Job 38 7)

The Bible describes in great detail the consequences of Satan’s rebellion, his casting down to earth with all the other billions/trillions of angels and the devastation on planet Earth and it’s subsequent judgment. Had this devastation of planet earth happened during Adams reign I think he may have noticed! Billions of angels falling like lightning consecutively is a very prolonged and huge arc plasma event.

The Bible says that Satan was a liar from the beginning, which beginning is this?

1 John 3:8 (KJV)

He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

John 8:44 (KJV)
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it

Q25. A gap would mean God is a failure.

Answer:  No, both creations resulted in a failure by created beings who possess freewill. You could equally say he was a failure because humans fell. He is not and never will be a failure, His creations were perfect. Freewill led to sin.

Q26. Gap Theory means there must have been pre-Adamic human like creatures.

Answer: No, it does not and there is no need for such creatures.  There were no pre-Adamic humans. See the main essay on this site. Watcher angels explain human (like) footprints present with dinosaur ones, the Long Life-long Gap Model explains fully the arrival of humans in the geologic column and also all primates fossilisation.

Q27.  Why did God have to create light again?

Answer:  He did not, he is just switching light back on, removing the ‘swaddling band’  from a previously judged Earth that was in darkness. He is emphasising the difference between light now and then and his Glory light. He may have changed light’s properties to fulfil a similitude, see the link below.

The division of light between light and darkness (Genesis 1:4) is significant as a parallel story see previous page

Q28. Gap theory contradicts modern geology but tries to harmonise with it.

Answer: Gap Theory does not embrace uniformitarianism at all but provides a better explanation of the fossil record than both 7 day creationists and mainstream evolutionists. It explains just about everything and solves all current problems. See the main essay on this site

Q29.  There’s no connection between geology and Genesis.

Answer:  With thought and Kat Kerr’s revelations scripture explains the entire fossil record completely.

Q30.  Gap discounts a Genesis flood.

Answer: The Genesis flood is not discounted at all. All post Kt fossils are from the Genesis 1:3-31 created world, some are from Noah’s flood, some from the days of Pelag and subsequent follow on catastrophes related to these events or catastrophes of the Earth groaning. The fossil record supports this.

Q31. Replenish means just fill.

Answer: KJV  translators thought it meant replenish and that is good enough for me, they also thought it meant replenish on 7 other occasions notably after Noah’s flood.  If the KJV is inspired then this is very strong evidence of a gap.

Q32.  There is no scripture that teaches that God judges a world.

Answer: Careful reading of 2 Peter, Jeremiah, the Psalms and Job do confirm this. See the main essay on this site

I could not find any questions that this site’s interpretation of scripture and the Long Life-Long Gap Model does not answer, let me know if you can think of one?  I repeat, again, as I said above, I think It is time young earth creationists, day agers and theistic evolutionists came up with scripture that denies a Gap. I can find none by the way. Check out the kosmos-ruah prophetic metaphor opposite. All doubts dispelled?

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**Similitude** The Holy Spirit/Jesus

And Eden#1


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Answering Gap Theory Critics

 I have searched the Internet to answer any Gap Theory opponents’ questions I could find.

 Three will be some repetition of the previous pages in answering these questions.

Answers to Gap theory Critics as Based on questions raised in the Blue Letter Bible ‘The Gap Theory’ by Don Stewart (here) and Answers in Genesis’ several articles (here)

The overriding opinion of 6000 year old ‘young earth’ creationists is ‘Gap Theory is a concoction to try to tie modern science with the Bible and hence shows too much emphasis on modern science and not enough in the Bible’.

This is just not true.

I do not believe in evolution or a 15 billion year old universe, so this is most definitely not true for me at any rate.

I have no problem doubting mainstream science if it is flawed.

I do, however, believe the Bible will stand up to all true data and evidence. Hence, my answers to the more specific questions below. (There are no humans in the fossil record before the Cenozoic is true data.)

I have faith in God and the infallibility of scripture not just faith in my own interpretation of scripture which I continually re-evaluate. I suggest that our faith should be in the Bible not in your own interpretation of it.

Q1. There is no direct mention of the vast creation of the Earth and the Heavens which Gap Theory demands in the Bible? Only one verse Describes the whole creation? Nothing is known of the order of things.

Answer: Close scrutiny does reveal it. God does conceal things for us to discover, see the rest of this site. The use of ‘it was so’ in Genesis 1 specifically references it. ‘It used to be that way in the first creation’

God often understates things: the days of Pelag, just one verse for the whole world being divided into two or ‘in my father’s house are many mansions’, Kerr reveals that some mansions are as big as cities and planet Heaven is bigger than our galaxy.

God mentions stretching out the universe at least a dozen times and this is, I believe, the same event as Genesis 1:1. So this is given significant weight in scripture.(Proverbs 25:2)

The Bible does not say there was no previous creation either.

Q2. We are just trying to fit in modern science in with the Bible.

Answer: No, Setterfield has described a perfectly plausible model here incorporating a 6000 year old earth, but I think the Bible points to a Gap independently and once accepted and expanded a Gap explains true data better. When this is heard then I believe our ‘spirit’ knows it to be true. (‘Search your feelings you know it is true’-Dearth Vader!)I have no problem not fitting in with modern science, I have a problem not fitting in with true evidence. It is the interpretation of the evidence by mainstream science that I still have a problem with.


Q3. The historical stance of Jewish catholic and protestant church is that the Genesis chapter 1 is the account of the original creation.

Answer: I can only say that I have not found this. My research has not been exhaustive but I have found the view back in that day was Gap. It would not concern me if this assertion was true or false as the evidence speaks for itself now anyway.

Q4. Gap Theory dilutes the majesty of God

Answer: I believe it is exactly the opposite and think it increases the majesty of God, He is much bigger than we think. He switches the whole cosmos on and off in one go. He throws galaxies billions of light years out by hand, He fills the world with water from one hand. He is the only one that the overused word ‘awesome’ actually applies to. He made and scheduled two creations to provide a very detailed metaphor for Christ-a born again Earth and a born again man.

Q5. There is no specific verse that there was a previous creation.

Answer: Please read the rest of this site, there are many verses that point to a previous creation and a Gap. Notably Genesis 2:4. Every use of ‘it was so’ in Genesis is describing that first creation. There is no specific verse that says there is not a Gap either.

Q6. Genesis is not a cryptic account, God would not hide details of a Gap.

Answer: Close scrutiny does reveal it. God does conceal things for us to discover, see the rest of this site. When you understand Gap Theory it is ‘hidden in plain sight’ in many places. (Proverbs 25:2)

Q7. Gap is contrary to scripture as God chose not use the term recreate.

Answer: Precise and consistent use of the words create (bara) and made (asah) confirm a Gap. The word ‘create’ tells us of an original creation and ‘make’ to cover all things whether created or  refurbished, modified or  remade. There is no non-Gap Theory creation model that can accommodate consistent use of different meanings to the words ‘bara’, ‘asah’ and ‘yatsar’.

Would God be sloppy with words and translations with the same words consistently having the same meaning? Or different words with the same meaning? Would he let multiple coincidences that confirm Gap theory occur? Did God inspire sloppiness in Moses while writing Genesis?

Q8. Exodus 20:11 says that God created everything in 6 days.

Answer: It does not say created (bara) it says made (asah), if it said created I would not be a Gap theory advocate anymore. Made (Asah) applies to anything God makes to completion, created (bara) is anything that is a new design by God. ‘Bara’ is a subset of ‘asah’ so Exodus 20:11 is consistent with Gap Theory.

Q9. There is no direct statement of a previous judgment.

Answer: Close scrutiny of 2 Peter 3 and Jeremiah do reveal such a thing. The text there must be referring to two different judgments. Likewise Jeremiah and Genesis together. See the rest of this site for many more instances too.

Q10. There was no death in the world before man sinned.

Answer: The world in Romans is a translation of ‘Kosmos’ whose meaning  is ‘what adorns the earth’ or human society. Further study of this use of its translation as ‘world’. in this site here, reveals that there are at least three different ‘kosmoses’ referred to in the Bible. So, sin could enter into any or all of these kosmoses referred to. There can be sin in another ‘kosmos’ that man was not responsible for. So these statements are consistent with Gap Theory. The word kosmos may even mean ‘the totality or sea of man’s spirits/souls’   Romans 5:12 (KJV)   1 Corinthians 15:21 (KJV)

However, you would expect the same rules to apply for an immutable God in the previous creation, Satan’s fall and introduction of sin into the ‘world that was then’, explaining death followed by judgment in the previous creation also. (2 Peter 3: 5-6) clearly defining two different kosmoses.

Q11. God could not pronounce the world very good if it was on top of dead buried bones.

This is just an opinion, I think He could and He does indeed do the same with humans, declaring us without spot or wrinkle (sin free and living in the spirit) which is something similar? Is he not going to pronounce the new Earth very good also? (Ephesians 5:27)

Q12. Darkness is associated with evil in Genesis 1:2.

Answer: this is not necessarily evil being darkness but this is a literal physical darkness, the absence of light. Darkness was the judgement God carried out on the first world so I suppose you could say there was some link to evil as a metaphor there. I do not see how this contradicts Gap theory. See link opposite for some  powerful similitudes with light and darkness that the darkness of Genesis 1:2 describes.

Q13. If Gap is correct then everything was wiped out so why would modern day plants and animals be very similar to fossilised ones?

Answer: Why should God not use the same design? Genesis 1 indicated that He did and exclusively did for plants. See Genesis 1 Commentary on this site about biological similarity explained. The biblical text points to a copied design for some organisms and a modified or new one for others. ‘Bring forth’ and other terms used are design statements and are strong confirmation of Gap Theory. Old designs are brought back, so biological similarity is a must. LKerr has revealed that if we are to have authority over animals we must be made of similar. Hence, angles/demons cannot have this same dominion.

Q14. Too much is made of the conjunction ‘waw ‘and was or became.

Answer: I agree. However, if the translation of Genesis 1:2 is ‘but the earth became void and without form’ then this would be very strong evidence for a ‘Gap’ and it could well mean this. This is a minor issue for me as far stronger evidence exists elsewhere in scripture. The current  ‘and the earth was void and without form’  is consistent with a Gap and certainly does not deny it. I personally like the translation as ‘was’ as it also is consistent with  the KRM describing a stepwise path to salvation and the other uses of ‘was’ within it.

Q15. ‘Tohu’ and ‘bohu’-unformed and unfilled, do not necessarily mean a judgement is pronounced.

Answer: I agree, they could be made ‘tohu’ and ‘bohu’ by a judgement or catastrophe or rendered that way by Satan or man. But God does not make things in vain and a wasteland (‘tohu and bohu’) (Isaiah 45:18)  and Genesis 1:2 describes a created (past tense) Earth that was ‘tohu’ and ‘bohu’. How did it become this way? Genesis 1:2 contradicts Isaiah 45:18 unless something made it that way. Genesis 1 cannot be past tense unless God created something ‘tohu and bohu’ which is against his nature.

Q16. Jesus did not feel there was any gap in time.

Answer : (Mark 10:6 KJV) But at the beginning of creation God 'made’ them male and female This site agrees with the insight by Stephen E Dill that shows that term ‘the beginning of creation’ refers to the creation of man. By using this term this way Jesus confirms Gap Theory in that it is referring to a new creative event-it overlooks the previous 5 days and gives them less emphasis because the creative process that originally produced the Earth was millions of years prior.  


John 7:38 (KJV): He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.(But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified

When Jesus uttered this statement, there appears to be no scripture that this clearly alludes to unless you believe in Gap Theory which opens up for the Garden of Eden and its rivers to be a metaphor for humans. See previous page for both of these points in more detail or click on the link in the margin opposite for a summary. These links are to my mind proof of Gap Theory on their own.

Q17. Isaiah 45:18 God did not create the universe in vain is more an argument against Gap Theory.

Answer: He did not create in vain it became that way. Absolutely, God did not make something ‘tohuw’ and ‘bohuw’ and is good evidence for Gap Theory in my opinion.  Why did it become ‘tohuw’ and ‘bohuw’?

Q18. Jeremiah 4 is talking about Israel.

Answer : Jeremiah 4 gives account of three different topics, as scripture often does as it sometimes moves between topic or names without introductions or headings. See previous page here for an in depth study of Jeremiah 4 which demonstrates, with closer examination, it is clearly referring to a previous creation.

Q19.  Isaiah 24:1 is describing Israel not the whole world

Isaiah 24:1 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants (yasab) thereof

Answer: I am not sure what this difficult text refers to but it is not essential for Gap Theory, plenty of other scripture confirms Gap Theory. My position is it refers to the first flood and a literal inverting of some land (as described by Kerr). Producing a completely dead earth the inhabitants-fallen angles scattered around the world

 Q20. There is no parallel story in the Bible about a gap.

Answer: I disagree, the Gap Theory itself is a parallel story with us and our body, humankind in general and planet earth. There are at least 7 similitudes associated with Gap Theory.

Earth: A perfect creation lit by the Glory of God (a deposit from the spiritual realm on high), There is no night time or darkness, but it falls into a satanic induced judgment with darkness and death-a gap occurs-and is then relit by a physical realm version of God’s Glory light (the light of Genesis 1:3).There will be some darkness and some light. (Genesis 1:3) The Earth struggles on under bondage and decay but will eventually be remade, no longer decay and will be glorious.

Humans(Adam): A perfect creation lit by a spirit from God (our spirit, a deposit from inside God in the spiritual realm on high). There is no darkness and sin in Adam and he shines in the presence of God but he falls into a satanic induced sin and darkness, a spiritual death and judgment follows-a gap occurs-and man is then relit by an earthly and physical realm manifestation of God (Jesus Christ). The human struggles on under the bondage of sin and decay and there will be some darkness and some light but will eventually be remade into a glorious body.

On a general level also mankind is made perfect and is lit and glows in the presence of God (Adam), he then falls into the same satanic induced spiritual death and darkness judgement-a gap occurs from Adam to Christ’s resurrection- until mankind can be relit by an earthly and physical realm manifestation of God in Christ and the Holy Spirit.

**Similitude** Light and God here

**Similitude** water and God here

**Similitude** Genesis days Gap Theory Christ 3 days in the belly of earth


**Similitude** Judged from above and below


**Similitude** Light and God here

**Similitude** The Holy Spirit/Jesus

And Eden#2



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**Similitude** The Big kosmos-ruah Metaphor


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