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The Holy Spirit/Jesus and Eden

(From this Web Site : Jesus Hints at a Gap)

The Garden of Eden was seeded from plants from Heaven and not present on the Earth (and not newly created or made) l(Kat kerr).  Genesis 2:9 ‘…. made the LORD God to grow…’

Planet Earth is a perfect creation and (in Gap Theory) falls into a death and darkness judgement. God remakes it with an added special new central creation of the Garden of Eden ‘seeded’ from heaven. Out of the belly of life on Earth, through Eden, flow rivers of water that give life to Eden and all around.

Humans fall into darkness and a spiritual death and are reborn with indwellings from Jesus and The Holy Spirit, implanted from Heaven which leads to living water proceeding out of the belly of humans which gives abundant life (and yields fruit) to those around.

Some properties of the living water given to us by The Holy Spirit may be revealed by the literal meaning of the names of the Rivers: Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates meaning overflowing, bursting forth, rapid and fruitful respectively.

I suspect, and it may also be, that the actions of the living waters are hinted at in the literal meaning of the places they reach.(Literal meanings in brackets.)

Pison reaches or encircles Havilah (circle) where there is gold, bedelium (a fragrant resin) and onyx (precious metals and stones). Gihon encapsulates the whole of Kush (black). Hiddekel goes forward or east towards Ashshuwr (a step or an Assyrian}, Euphrates is only described with its name and it means fruitful (perhaps an indication of  the prime attribute and the prime action of the Holy Spirit in this metaphor).

lKerr has revealed the importance of precious stones within God as gifts for us and they seem to have some other value or function as well as aesthetics. lKerr has also revealed how the River of Life runs from the throne room of God (and does contain precious stones within it) and so, rivers of life coming from out of our bellies is being made ‘in His image’. The exact function of precious stones remain a mystery to me though? God gifts a precious stone to and within us at salvation. l(Kat kerr). The antichrist is thought to be referred to as an Assyrian.

So, with the literal meaning of the destinies and paths of the Eden rivers in mind, it may be that the living water that proceeds out of our bellies is intimately related to precious stone ‘gifts’, encapsulates and separates us from darkness, will confront evil and is always fruitful?

So did Jesus hint at Gap Theory when he said that ‘scripture says living water will flow out of our bellies’ (John 7:38) because I can find no scripture that does explicitly say that? However, the metaphor with the rivers of Eden for the Holy Spirit does describe it in detail but the metaphor only really works with Gap Theory as Eden is planted on a remade Earth and The Holy Spirit is planted in a newly born again Christian. There are more references to living water in Biblical  Evidence of a Gap on this site and summarised here. But none are as clear a metaphor as the Eden ‘type’. Maybe Jesus said this just  for the creation debate today today?

This seems another example of a link-a ‘typing’-between life on the surface of planet Earth and  our spirit

What God does for the life (a kosmos) on the born again Earth  so he does for our born again spirit. A prophetic seam throughout Genesis? See the Genesis similitudes link below.

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