Planet Earth and Individual Saved Humans

Parallel stories; The Bible often deals with parallel stories or repeating themes,  once the revelation that the first creation was lit by the Glory of God is known several parallel  stories become apparent.

Earth: A perfect creation lit by the Glory of God (a deposit from the spiritual realm) and light shines from this Glory from within it. There is no  nighttime and no darkness. Light is pervasive.

The Earth is judged and falls into a satanic induced darkness and death. Life giving water becomes a flood and is frozen and is no longer a source for life.

A gap occurs-and it is then relit by a physical realm version of God’s Glory light (the light of Genesis 1:14-15).There will be some darkness and some light. (Genesis 1:3) Water is no longer a frozen flood. The Earth struggles on under bondage and decay but will eventually be remade and will no longer decay and will be eternal and glorious.

Every Saved Person: Everybody was made perfect and was given a spirit -a gift from God form the spiritual realm. And this would shine in the presence of God. Man’s spirit lights up. There is no darkness in man until he falls. Every person falls and is judged, a spiritual death follows and man walks in this satanic induced judgement and darkness. Our spiritual gifts are switched off.

A gap occurs from this time until man is born again and can be relit by a physical realm version of God’s light with an indwelling of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. There will be some darkness and some light as man struggles to live sin free but man will eventually be remade to be part of an eternal and glorious Body (of Christ) and as an individual  person without spot or blemish individually.  Our spiritual gifts including living waters are switched back on.   (John 1 9)   (John 8:12)   (John 9:5)  (John 12:46)