Light and God- ‘God is light’ (1 John 1:5) Light and God

Parallel stories; The Bible often deals with parallel stories, repeating themes or types, once the revelation that the first creation was lit by the Glory of God is known several parallel stories  appear:


The original light that illuminates the original planet earth is directly from God- God’s Glory. It continues to shine.

It is pervasive and  there is  hence no darkness and shadowing is reduced. It shines form within-is transdimensional.

It originates in the spiritual world. And God is light.

God’s Glory has unfathomable properties.

The whole Earth falls and is judged

The second creation/renovation is lit by a new  light (from the sun)  

There is darkness and light because of God’s command in (Genesis 1:4)

The light is a physical realm version of Gods spiritual Glory Light

Light has mysterious properties. (Duality)

God and Jesus

Adam had his spirit life breathed into him directly from God there was no darkness in him.

God lights this spirit by his presence and man shines from this spiritual realm presence.

God is pervasive and lights Adam’s spirit making him radiate light.

God the Father inhabits the spiritual world.

Then Adam/mankind falls and is judged

The regenerated saved man is lit by a new light  from an earthly manifestation of God in Jesus Christ

there is darkness and light as man struggles.

The light of Jesus is a physical realm version of God’s Light

Jesus is the light of the world and an earthly physical realm version of God is Light

Both God and Jesus  remain beyond understanding.