Always a Gap (Always testifying of Jesus) Parallel stories;  

God creates in layers l(Kat Kerr). (Physical, spiritual, hierarchical?)

Creation Days

Day 1: Light is ‘let be’: a canvas for the sun, moon and stars to display their glory (become apparent and light is the glory of the stars)-Layer 1-the electromagnetic spectrum….then a gap of 3 days-Day 4: The sun , moon and stars are made-Layer 2

Day 2: The atmosphere and water is made: a canvas for birds and fish to utter speech (the medium lets creation show all its glory)-Layer 1….then a gap of 3 days-Day 5: Fish and birds are made-Layer 2

Day 3:  Dry ground and plants are made: a canvas for animals and humans to utter speech (the medium lets this creation show all its glory) . Layer 1….then a gap of  3 days,-Day 6: Then man and animals are  made-Layer 2

Planet earth: originally created as a medium for man to live on. Layer 1 a physical world….then a long gap- then  men  created in the image of God a higher creation-Layer  2

Man is created as a platform to fellowship with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, and a canvas for God’s Glory (this is a long process after the fall and  the plan of redemption takes much ‘due process’) layer 1….there is a gap of three days while Jesus was in the heart of the earth-then after the resurrection the superior in-dwelling relationship can occur. (Man can show God’s full glory)-layer 2