Five Light Settings

1. God’s Glory Light: Unfathomable,  pervasive, no darkness, little or no shadowing, shines form within. Electron excitability greatly increases. Possible source of CMB.

Present  on earth in the first creation to the first judgement

2.:Original Light in The First Creation other than God’s Glory Possible source of CMB. Possibly closer to God’s Glory Light in properties

Present  on the first creation to the first judgement, superceded on earth by God’s Glory light

3. Light from the Spiritual Realm::Not now  as pervasive as it is now separated from darkness by God’s command in Genesis 1:5.. Possible source of CMB. A person can still see this light if they too are ‘in the spirit’.

 Present from Genesis day 1 until Adam falls

4. Light  from the Sun and Spiritual Realm Together: A brighter world, but still under God’s command of separated from darkness, so shadowing is present.

Present  from day 4 until Adam’s fall

5. Light from the Sun and stars Only: Modern light with modern properties but is under the curse of sin and ‘groans’ or ‘has groaned’.

Present from Adam’s Fall to the present day