Spirit  Constituents (our ruach) When and Where?

lKerr describes our  spirits as being made of light.. lKerr describes us as being older than many of the angels.

I  received the revelation and searched the scripture to see if it was true and found  evidence to support it. (Acts 17:11)

(Proverbs 8:21-30,) Describes a time before the earth, and at a time called ‘everlasting’ when a spirit lived in an ‘habitable part’ of ‘His earth ‘ (is this inside God Himself?) and this spirit was with the (other) sons of men delighting God in the process. (Is this a spirit of wisdom or one of us as spirits or even Solomon himself being linked to wisdom in general earlier in the passage? Not sure but the ‘sons of men’-us-it seems were there).

(Psalm 139:15) My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth  This appears to describe us as being ‘wrought’ (raqam) a different process from being created and in a location that may tie with ‘Earth’ in  Proverbs 8. ‘Raqam’ is also translated as ‘embroider’ or ‘mix colour’. Note how the materials are already there and it is not an ex nihilo process. Note how the substance appears to be well known by God as if He has already experienced it.

(1 John 1:5) declares that God is light, this could be a metaphor but may also have a degree of literal meaning. We are made in God’s image, so flesh like Jesus and possibly light like the Father?

(Acts17:28) Here Paul refers to us as offspring (genos) which hints at a similarity in structure/components.

(James 1:17) Describes God as the Father of  lights. Are these lights us? Then if not , who are they?

Please note, there is  absolutely no divine irreverence intended with these speculations. I believe strongly in an unknowable, omniscient, omnipresent God but, we may be getting deeper glimpses into our history and more glimpses of The Father Himself with these revelations from Kerr.

(Habakkuk 2:14) (Daniel 12:4) suggests  knowledge (also of the Bible) will greatly increase, I suggest this time is upon us.

(Exodus 34:29-35) Moses shone with  light from the presence of God, is this God leaving a deposit of His Glory or his glory igniting our own spirit? Robin Bullock would very provocatively suggest it was the glowing of our blood here

(Proverbs  20:27) describes the Spirit as a candle.

Back to (Proverbs 8) describing-maybe us in our spirit form, being made from ‘everlasting’ (olam). Sounds a bit like eternal ?  Our constituents pre-dating some angels even? Maybe?

Please note again, there is absolutely no divine irreverence intended with these speculations. God is before eternal and created everything. (Colossians  1:16)

(Hebrews 2:7-8) An apparent contradiction in the text?

It describes man being made ‘lower’ than the angels yet in the next sentence describes everything (including angels) in subjection to man? Robin Bullock here attributes this to meaning man was made from a ‘lower’ place deeper with in God.

Life is not like a box of chocolates but more like a Cake?

I want you to imagine a three tiered wedding cake with the tiers getting smaller going upwards. The top or third tier is our space time dimension. A nice round tier we can see it all but it is very big. The second tier, we cannot see the end of it, we can just see it stretching in all directions out of view. It is the timeless spiritual realm. The bottom or first tier is completely enclosed in a swaddling band of light too bright to see through and we know of its existence but it will never be known by us.  The first tier is God. The second tier is the spiritual realm and can be referred to as eternal, everlasting and for ever but it was still created and some of the inhabitants in it who have never been in the first tier, they may also be termed eternal, everlasting and forever and are still created.

On closer examination of the cake and if you have been given a special lens, you can see right within, and that the second tier (the timeless spiritual realm) stretches over layer 3 (our physical space time realm) and our timed realm is wholly enclosed within the timeless spiritual realm.

On closer examination, if  you are invited  then you can see directly within, and discern that the light from the first unknown tier also seems to stretch out and encapsulate and intertwine with and be throughout the other two layers. I think an olam/aion is a slice through both layers 2 and 3, so every olam/aion is, in a way, eternal. I suggest that our spirit is made ‘sometime’ in layer 2 and may therefor, be termed ‘set up from everlasting’.

Please note the Kosmos-rauh metaphor (here) when applied to ‘and the Lord God formed man from the dust’  of Genesis 2:7, would be consistent with man being made from something from God Himself. (Although I accept care must be taken with metaphors used circularly like this!)