‘Not one jot or tittle’ Matthew 5:18

Matthew 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled

John 5:39  Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me

1 Corinthians 15:46 Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.

The Old Testament is in the New Revealed, the New Testament is in the Old Concealed

The same person who wrote your DNA code inspired the Bible, I believe, there is no redundant data in either,

Genesis 1 testifies of Jesus

3 days Jesus was in the Earth and then rose again to give us life (zoe-abundant/fullness) and defeat death.

Before day 1 there is no life on earth and it is in darkness- 3 days later life begins on day 3

Day 1: God produces light, 3 days later a physical realm version of light appears (the sun and moon and stars)

Day 2 : The waters and sky are separated and brooded upon, 3 days later life is created in the waters and skies.

Day 3: Life begins on Earth, 3 days later a higher life appears with man and animals created/made

Genesis 1 talks of 6 days each ending with ‘evening and the morning day (number)= this is only 12 hours?

The sixth day gets a definite article-more important than the others?

Repeating double constructs:


I will give reasons for every one of these

This is a new argument. You will not have heard it before. All the general Gap Theory evidences and more at: (and some extras)


Prophets have got a bad name -noise and jamming.

The modern ones are a bit different

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 God  is ‘upon the world’  (indwelling in our spirit)

Recap:An overlap occurs within the KRM where the Earth may mean either God the Father or mans base spirit breathed into Adam or knitted to our bodies at conception. This concept itself hinting that our spirit ‘constituents’ are from God the Father. A copy and paste ‘in his image’. Everyone gets this spirit from God the Father but only the saved get the gifts throughout this metaphor. I suggest that when Earth is used referring to man in the metaphor it refers to either the whole of the ‘sea’ of every man’s spirit or each individual man’s spirit saved or not. The use of Earth as man is very informative.

When the term ‘upon the world’ is used it seems in the literal to just embellish the text-plants or insects are on the Earth  (Genesis 1:11-13) , However within the KRM the ‘upon’ (al)  seems to be meaning within our spirit-upon our existing spirit Light shines on the Earth  (Genesis 1:15-17) and small things creep or move upon the Earth  (Genesis 1:24-25)  (Genesis 1:26-27)  (Genesis 1:28)  (Genesis 1:29-30)

But, I again suggest this is slanted towards the metaphor and gives  more meaning in the metaphor.   . Still, the double construct testifies to Jesus by defining before and after  salvation

(Genesis 1:11-13),,,and the fruit tree (The Holy Spirit) yielding fruit (Christ like behaviour and conversions to Christ) after his kind (the fruit will be in God’s own family-kind), whose seed (the redeemed’s spirit) is in itself, upon the earth: (Two indwellings described-the seed is inside The Holy Spirit has seed(the redeemed) inside Himself and The Holy Spirit is inside the saved spirit (upon the earth) … This is part one and describes what will happen in our salvation

Part 2 in verse 12- the ‘upon the Earth is missing and the word order changes so that the seed is now also ‘in the family of God’ a s well as the fruit and so now is also a ‘kind’. . The second part describes the changes to the saved person and  a stepwise path to salvation. The mechanism of how the fruit becomes the redeemed by the means of two indwellings explained in a couple of simple sentences about plants! (1 John 4:13)  (John 14:17)  (Romans 1:13)

(Genesis 1:15-17) describes Jesus being the light of the whole world then the individual light in the saved spirit also. Again one applies to before and one after salvation in the double construct format.Th use of the word ‘upon’ again may mean Jesus is in the world (‘upon’)shining light within it all not juts the surface either meaning still works within the KRM

Creeping, moving and living (God can only use the vocabulary of the da)

Genesis 1:24-25,  Genesis 1:26-27,  Genesis 1:28,  Genesis 1:29-30 in the KRM,all describe nephesh chayyah constituents (moving/creeping/living things in the literal)given to us by The Holy Spirit or God the Father.So. The Holy Spirit and God the Fathers own nephesh chayyah being given to the saved and where they now reside-‘upon’ our base spirit from the Father..Note that the overall metaphor is life on Earth paralleling our spirit and, so, God uses a change of noun to verbs to convey the salvation changes. The movement conveying that life ‘in our life’.For larger gifts God seems to stick with the noun for both.The ‘creeping thing’ (noun) in part 1 becomes a thing that creepeth (verb) when in our spirit. In Genesis 1:24-25, A ‘moving creature(noun) that hath life’ becomes a living creature that moveth (verb).. I repeat again that God can only use the vocabulary of things made that day, so I suggest that ‘moving thing’, ‘creeping things’ and ‘living things’ are synonymous.

So, in addition to the selective use of‘Kind’, there are two further ways of metaphorically describing our salvation.

Awesome and Some!

With that in mind Genesis day 6 becomes a thing of exquisite beauty as it defines the statement ‘Salvation is purposed by the Father, accomplished by the Son, and applied by the Holy Spirit.[3].in great detail

God Purposes (God said and the Earth brings forth)

Genesis 1:24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature (1) after his kind, cattle (2), and creeping thing (3), and beast of the earth (4) after his kind: and it was so

  1. God the Father sends forth our initial base spirit to attach to our embryos at conception.
  2.  God the Father send forth Jesus and The Holy Spirit as indwellings
  3.  God the Father sends forth Another ‘part’ of the indwelling in The Holy Spirits own nephesh chayyah constituents given to the saved.
  4. God the Father )God send forth attached to our base spirit  a whole trench on individual gifts that make us us.

Jesus Accomplishes by Making/Creating-God made/created

Genesis 1:25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind (4), and cattle after their kind (2),, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth (3),after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:21 And God created great whales,(5), and every living creature that moveth (6), which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl (7),after his kind: and God saw that it was good

Jesus accomplished by ‘making’ )sometimes remaking) and creating

2.& 5.  Indwellings

3. & 6.  Another ‘part’ of the indwelling in The Holy Spirits own nephesh chayyah constituents given to the saved.

4.  Our original spiritual gifts attached to our base spirit  a whole trench on individual gifts that make us us.

7. Gifts and works of The Holy Spirit

  Salvation is  applied by The Holy Spirit

(The waters brought forth and fowl)

Genesis 1:2-22  And God created great whales,(5), and every living creature that moveth (6), which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl(7),after his kind: and God saw that it was good

And God blessed them,,(8) ,saying, Be fruitful ,(9), and multiply,(10), and fill the waters in the seas,(12), and let fowl multiply in the earth,(13).

The Holy Spirit brings forth(waters and fowl)

Other uses of Earth in the metaphor (KRM) applying to man’s spirit in Genesis 1?-(All slanted for the KRM)

God creates man with a spirit from inside Himself (Genesis 1:1)

Man’s spirit fall into darkness (Genesis 1:1-2)

The Holy Spirit may give additional gifts to man. A ‘pre-Salvation’ first part of a double construct is used with the word ‘may’ (as not everyone gets these gifts) but only the saved do and they do not get every gift.. Another anatomical location as  they are located in the ‘air’ above our base spirit on an individual basis. Earth being a single saved persons spirit in this case (Genesis 1:20).

Holy Spirit gifts (fowl)(including salvation) that will multiply ‘**in** the Earth’.The Earth now being plural and applying to the sea of saved and unsaved . So, the Holy Spirit gifts are commanded to get more people saved and more gifts in the saved.(Genesis 1:21) throughout the whole world.

Our spirits anatomical location of ‘nephesh chayyah’ (creeping things)-gifts/indwellings are described in (Genesis 1:24-25) where the metaphor defines these are now located ‘upon’ our spirit (individually) in the second part or post salvation part of the double construct.

(Genesis 1:26-27)  pre salvation first part of a double construct describes us being offered a dominion over several gifts (this is slightly different as it in fact is describing gift we can have, so describing post salvation options if you like) so the creeping thing is within the big metaphor a direct reference to nephesh chayyah gifts but not ‘nephesh chayyah’ yet as we do not have it within us. But it is still going to be ‘upon the world.’. When this is within us in the post salavtion second part of te double construct it is still ‘upon’ the world our spirit but as it is no longer in the metaphor and so is not jusrt a part of lie on Earth that moveths.