‘It was so’-Gap Theory hidden in plain sight

Throughout Genesis 1, God’s commands end with  an ‘it was so’ declaration. It happens on days 2, 3 (twice), 4 and  6. And also when commanding animals to be vegetarian in Genesis 1:30

Day  1 God declares light ‘was’ and this is, I suggest, within the metaphor and primarily for the metaphor, is a variation of  the great  ‘I am’ statements  of God. But still also a kind of variation of an ‘it was so’ statement.

‘It was so’ confirms God’s deceleration in the literal and also confirms things ‘used to be that way’ (in the first creation in Gap theory) ***No statement that carries a new creation (bara) has an ‘it was so’ summary. So,  no statement about man  (Gen 26-29) has ‘it was so’ attached as he is a new creation (likewise whales) and not in the first creation.***

Within the metaphor ‘it was so’ always refers to a pre-salvation condition too. ‘It used to be that way’.

The kosmos ruah metaphor  gives a deeper understanding of the whole of Genesis 1 and 2. Here and will explain these in great detail.