God’s Glory Light,  Light and Matter

There is light in everything l(Kat Kerr).I find this an absolutely fascinating revelatory sound bite and worthy of a web site itself. All available earthly type foodstuffs (including meats) are made directly from light in Heaven. l(Kat Kerr) Straight from light to matter and controlled. Light for food for thought for sure.

Similarities of Electric Universe Models with Biblical Text and Kat Kerr’s Revelations

There is much more similarity and scope to link  biblical doctrine and Kat Kerr’s revelations with Plasma/Electric Universe Model than the Big Bang Standard Model.

Shamayin, the Hebrew word for heaven actually means ‘waters up there’. (‘Mayim’ means water.)

lKerr describes Jesus having water in his hand as he stretched out the universe. The needed plasma constituent to form all elements is just oxygen and hydrogen and nothing else will do it. See above. I find this absolutely incredible and this should surely grab everyone’s attention. The Bible said it first.

Did God stretch out the entire cosmos and place plasma ‘water’ (oxygen and hydrogen) there in a vast abundance to form all known naturally occurring elements by fusion reactions driven by huge currents present - generated in this plasma. These elements then to be used as constituents to make the stars and galaxies under the action of Birkeland currents.

lKerr describes seeing God throw individual stars and galaxies out there. Did God throw out almost inconceivably long Birkeland Currents with vast charges and form stars and galaxies this way? Just see how easily lightning diverts it’s path and yet God controls the exact position of each star (for the Mozzareth) and to produces incredible beauty on such a vast canvas.

There is no time constraint on this initial formation of stars. Unlike Genesis 1, which has for me, always seemed like a disproportionately small amount of time to form all the stars. God is omniscient but he still goes through a process of creation and He does not just think it and it exists. So, to create all the stars in one day seems a taller order then the rest of Genesis and not balanced with the rest of the creation process. No such problem with the Long Life-Long Gap Model.

However, Genesis 1:16 does make sense if He is revisiting the whole cosmos and ‘switching’ something back on.  The Electric Universe  model does allow for a switching up/down of the ‘current’. See below.

Pick A Paradigm?

In the beginning there was absolutely nothing, no time, no space, no energy and no matter. Then absolutely nothing located at absolutely nowhere in absolute no time exploded and formed time, space, energy and matter. The gases produced by this explosion eventually coalesced  and with the action of gravity and with billions of years of fusion reactions and further repetitive coalescing and explosions formed stars and galaxies by processes never observed or:[1]

In the beginning God stretched out the universe around and within a part of the spiritual realm and deposited (waters) oxygen and hydrogen in plasma filaments and sheets, some billions of light years long. Time and space began at that point. God then threw out, by hand, Birkeland currents propagating for billions of light years with unimaginably enormous charges into a vast sea of elements formed by fusion reactions within the oxygen and hydrogen plasma,  thereby forming all the galaxies, stars and planets by known and experimentally reproducible processes.

You choose

Faith in absolutely nothing

Or God?

Big Bang or Big God?

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Background: view form the Hubble by NASA (NASA does not endorse this web site)

The creator made this, big aint it?

1. In The Beginning God Created The Universe .                           

2. God Creates the Planets


  1. The Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is ordered and not yet rendered disordered by the ‘creation groaning’. As it later will be.
  2. The speed of light:is initially quicker than at present as it is not slowed down by a disordered ZPE. Initially this light is red shifted as sub atomic particles are not fully energised by the still growing ZPE and the building of electric currents  throughout  the fabric of space.

Speculative Physics of the Long Life-Long Gap Model

Could it be that?


  1. Saturn is a brown dwarf star with probably most if not all of our current planets orbiting it and million of years later it is to be taken over by the sun which acquires them all. Saturn stops being a star and becomes a planet around the sun. This is based on an observation by Tom Findlay in his book Electric Universe (there is evidence to support this as described by Tom Findlay-:Electric Universe)  here  here (this is a scientific book and is not theological)


  1. The sun is shut down in dark plasma mode to be ‘switched’ back on in Genesis 1, with orbiting planets as per today

3. God Creates the Stars

3. God Creates Planet Earth            



  1. God Glory lights the world. (His Glory may bring its own ZPE equivalent and dominate our ZPE) The light is different in nature to modern light and is more pervasive and there are less/no  shadows. The persistence, strength and speed of this Glory light may be the source of the cosmic microwave background (CMB).
  2. The Speed of light is more rapid because the ZPE is ordered and ‘smoother’,  it does not impinge on  the flow of light. Later as the whole creation groans the ZPE becomes more disordered and light will slow down. Increased light speed means increased atomic decay. (See main essay)
  3. Red Shift/Blue Shift Once the ZPE throughout the universe reaches its default level. The high strength and highly ordered ZPE means all atoms are highly energised and all light is blue shifted.
  4. Electron Excitability. Emission and Absorption  is greatly increased, an appearance of ‘light coming from everything’ is apparent. On planet earth This is a property of Gods Glory Light that is difficult to explain?

 Millions of Years Pass in God’s Perfect World


  1. The Speed of light-is quicker than today and remains constantly so.
  2. Atomic decay is greatly increased  and remains constantly so.
  3. Red Shift/Blue Shift All light is blue shifted. Once the ZPE and star fuelling currents throughout the universe reach their default levels because of the high strength and highly ordered ZPE all atoms are highly energised.

4. Sin Enters God’s First Creation and the Whole of  Creation Groans


  1.  The speed of light is rapid, but starts to slow down
  2. Atomic decay; starts to slow down
  3. Red Shift/Blue Shift Once the ZPE and electric currents throughout the universe reach their default level because the high strength and highly ordered ZPE all atoms are highly energised and all light is still blue shifted but starts to move to the red little under the influence of the earth groaning.

Creation Phase 1


1.God throws out the planets by hand one at a time and they orbit around Saturn which is a dwarf star at this time: Or/

2. God throws individual planets and the sun forming the entire solar system but the sun is in dark plasma mode and dull and cannot readily be seen but the planets all orbit around it. The moon is not in its current location. Or/

3. The same as no #2 but the Earth is not within the solar system when first made and is moved there in Genesis 1:17.


Creation Phase 1

Creation Phase 1


  1. The Birkeland currents interact with the vast plasma sheets and filaments instantly and form galaxies and stars quickly by drawing matter from the surrounding plasma sheets. Plasma pinches abound.

The galaxies and stars thus formed are fuelled by these currents.

  1. Within the galaxies other smaller filaments and sheets initiate further star and planetary formation.



Creation Phase 1

Creation Phase 1

God judges the first world with total darkness and a frozen flood. (See main essay)

  1. Light: there is no light throughout the universe. Light is switched off.
  2. The Earth gets a further judgement, so no light can even propagate anywhere on or around Earth-the light is trapped within the atoms.
  3.  Atomic decay is at its lowest possible rate.
  4. Atomic masses are at a maximum due to the extreme giggling forces, so atomic velocities are at their minimum.
  5. There is a darkness ‘you can feel’ around planet Earth due to the extra atomic weight.
  6. It looks like a thick dark cloud around the planet, darkness was on the face of the deep.

Creation Phase 1


The darkness judgment takes two forms. The electric universe is ‘switched off’

(Satan has the power to produce his own light) to prevent that, planet Earth gets an extra judgement of light being prevented from propagating in any form.

  1. The stars are switched to ‘standby mode’ by a reduction in the flowing current throughout the entire universe.
  2. Arc plasma becomes dark mode plasma. But residual current still flows in the electrified fabric of the cosmos.
  3. Zero point energy is altered to become a giggling mass of electromagnetic waves which completely blocks light propagation around planet earth. A thick ‘swaddling’ band of darkness surrounds the  planet.
  4. Sub atomic particles go to a reduced state of energy and their mass increases to maximum due to the intense giggling of the ZPE, now in it‘s thickest light blocking form. A darkness you can feel due to the increased atomic weight.

Judged Earth & Universe

The Gap

5. The First  Earth is Judged and Light is Switched off

 Millions of Years Pass in Darkness


  1. Light cannot propagate on Earth due to the swaddling band around it
  2. Atomic decay stops or reduces to its lowest possible rate
  3. The electric universe is shut down and all plasma is in dark mode, the sky is black.



Judged Earth & Universe

The Gap

6,.God Recreates The Earth with Modifications and the Addition of Man-Genesis 1:3-31

Creation Phase 2


God with The Holy Spirit and The Lord Jesus Christ  

  1. ‘Let light be’ and light from the spiritual realm floods in throughout the universe.
  2. Switches back on the ‘capacitor’ to recharge the Universe.
  3. ‘Switches’ back on  the sun and brings the moon into view from a distant location or// the sun is moved into the vicinity of the then star system with Saturn the central star and it takes it and its planets over by a charge exchange mechanism or// the Earth is distant from the Sun and is moved into the Sun’s planetary system.
  4. Light speed is initially very rapid and red light shifted until the ZPE /electric currents grow to full strength
  5. The night sky will look like it fills with stars in 1 day when viewed from planet earth.
  6. All the stars are not visible straight away.
  7. Atomic decay resumes and is much quicker than at present.

7. Sin Enters God’s Creation and the Whole of  Creation Groans (again)


  1. Speed of light-Quicker than present, but starts to slow down
  2. Atomic decay-Rapid; starts to slow down
  3. Red Shift/Blue Shift  all atoms are highly energised and all light is still blue shifted but starts to move to the red little. But the ZPE starts to become less ordered due to the Earth groaning and light starts to slow down also.

8 Now


  1. Speed of light-: has slowed down to present rate
  2. Atomic decay: Has slowed down to present rate
  3. Red Shift/Blue Shift is stable

9 Soon ( a prediction by the author and not a prophecy) (Romans 8:19)

Creation Phase 2

The Kingdom Age

Creation Phase 1

1. Based on a quip by Chuck Missler in Genesis Commentary: ‘In the beginning nothing exploded’

Seven Beginnings

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Please read the main essay on this site which will greatly help you follow this summary. Here or Recaps below.

Quick recaps

(ZPE)   (Red Light Shift)    

(Tom Findlay-Saturn a Star?)   (Tom Findlay-Galaxies)

(Kat Kerr #1)   (Kat Kerr #2)   (Kat Kerr #3)  (Kat Kerr #4)   (Kat Kerr #5)

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Alternative Hypothesis if God’s Glory Brings its Own ZPE

 An Inordinate Fondness for Plasma and Electromagnetism

JBS Haldane was supposed to have said, ‘God must have had an inordinate fondness for beetles’, (due to the vast numbers of beetle species (3-400 000)). Although this may be apocryphal it has come to be known as a  contemptuous statement against creation.

It may be, however, that the statement could now equally be targeted at plasma. With over 99% of the universe being composed of plasma.

Not only that, but if the plasma universe/electric universe theories are correct then plasma and Birkeland currents explain the origins of galaxies and stars and electromagnetism may be one of the fundamental energies that God uses. A preferred tool.

Mainstream Universe Models

A brief comparison of the similarities between this site’s Long Life-Long Gap Model and the Two Mainstream Models: The Standard Model (SM) and the Electric Universe (EU) Model

Big Bang Theory:The  Standard Model

So, in a nutshell: A very small dot of energy suddenly exploded and began to expand very quickly, as it expanded energy converted into matter and anti-matter. Which largely annihilated each other but some sub atomic particles remained. By gravity, all matter started to coalesce into stars which by fusion reactions created other elements.

Then, these stars which formed after billions of years exploded and other heavier elements were thus formed. These elements then started to coalesce again by gravity. This cycle repeats at least three times and will take about 10 billion years before the right proportion of elements are formed to make stars like our sun. Gravity being the main driver.

I never liked The Big Bang theory as it never made any sense to me at all and seemed to break just about every law of physics. The problems:

These are my main concerns but there are more and for those interested with a more scientific slant see here..

Big Bang Similarities with the Genesis Account

No other descriptions of the Long Life Long Gap Model (which, I believe, covers all things biblical on creation) in this text could seem to correspond to any of the Big Bang stages.

I humbly discount much of the Big Bang Theory. How can I be arrogant enough enough to discount the work of so many brilliant minds, much superior to my own? Well these same minds probably believe evolution which I know, at least to my own satisfaction, to be floored but also, I think many just study aspects of God stretching, re-stretching the universe or His ‘throwing out’ of Galaxies and stars.  I also think their research could, in many cases, equally be applied this creation paradigm.

Plasma Universe/ Electric Universe -Plasma Cosmology ,

(I highly recommend the book: ‘A beginners view of our Plasma Universe’ by Tom Findlay-A very provocative and thorough book that explains electric universe theories in layman's terms-(Findlay’s faith status is not stated))

The electric universe model describes the properties of plasma and electromagnetic forces as being dominant in shaping the cosmos.

By using plasma filaments, which are reproducible in a small scale in the laboratory, all current galaxy formations can be produced and in a matter of seconds. If you have not seen them before then you may be amazed at the similarities:  The image at the top of this page in the link below is a cross section of 2 Birkeland currents approaching each other in a plasma sea and this is what forms in mere seconds. here

It is worth noting that:

My Speculations: The Whole Creation Groans (not just a part of it)

Romans 8:22 (KJV)

For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. NB. It groans until ‘now’ so may have turned or not the ‘whole’ anymore. (Now = from the time of Christ)

I think ageing is a gift, it forces reflection on the fragility of life and changes us. The mechanism of ageing also gives me much food for thought. As a working dentist, I was always awed by the ageing process in the mouth, nothing escapes it. The saliva thins leading to problems like burning mouth syndrome, more angular dribbling and reduced decay resistance. The muscle tone changes and cheeks hang differently and are bitten more, the lips and cheeks sag and hide the teeth, the teeth drift and cross over or splay out. Decay pattern moves to the roots, gum disease increases, the tongue spreads out, the dentine discolours and shows through the enamel as greener or yellower, more vertical cracks appear in the enamel, the gums shrink back, the papillae between the teeth shrinks leading to black triangle gap appearance, the feedback mechanism of biting is dulled and more teeth are broken, the tempero-mandibular joint gets noisier….. and I can go on and on. The point is ageing is pervasive nothing escapes it and I think this applies even to each individual cell and cell component . I suggest ageing is the creation groaning. I think the same is true with the rest of creation groaning, everything is affected by it. Most notably,Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and by extension light speed. What is ZPE?

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) (more on ZPE here and  here)

ZPE is a vast ubiquitous energy that exists throughout the cosmos and is thought by some scientists who specifically study this phenomenon to play a role in supplying the energy for atomic function and movements. Some scientists suggest that the ZPE originates with the expansion of the cosmos, and so increases as expansion goes on. However, I tentatively suggest that ZPE in the initial creation, before sin enters the world, is more ordered and smoother, whereas, after a fall/sin/‘groaning’, it becomes disordered and ‘batters’ sub-atomic particles more. The speed of light may, I also suggest, be slowed down due to this ZPE turbulence, rather than an increase in the ZPE strength due to cosmic expansion. The ZPE pre-sin would be more like a smooth, swift flowing river and not a choppy, turbulent one as it presents now. Instead of jostling the sub atomic particles, the ZPE just imparts more energy smoothly and with less jiggling forces. The potential energy of both rivers is the same, I imagine a ball floating down  a stream to grasp this, there is more turbulence is acting on the ball with the latter.

Hence, at the beginning of the cosmos, the atomic velocities are increased compared with today. These increased velocities  leading to increased atomic decay and an appearance of age. (It should be noted that the idea of a variable speed of light due to a change in ZPE strength was first theorised by Barry Setterfield here, this is entirely his idea and not mine, I just speculate different drivers than him. It should also be noted that Setterfield is a passionate young Earth creationist and does not support many of the views on this site) His work seems to raise controversy amongst scientists and theologians alike, but I like him and he would be the only one throughout this whole site to whom I would attach the overused description of ‘genius’ to. He is well worth listening to, an example here.


The idea that there is an inbuilt degradation within the creation seems inconsistent with a loving righteous God or it would mean the creation itself is created as a ticking clock. I do not believe God made the universe ‘tohu or bohu’ (made waste and empty) or for that matter to become ‘tohuw and bohou’? (Isaiah 45:18). Although the demise of the universe is predicted in the Bible e.g. (2 Peter 3:10), I think it is the presence of sin is that causes or necessitates this eventual demise.

If dinosaurs did indeed have the same nerve physiology (takes too long for nerves to transmit the entire length of the body (>30 seconds) to be able to function at today’s speeds) as we do then they, too, would be doomed by this consequence. It is hard for me to imagine God’s creation having the death of nephesh chay (spirit filled) animals built in. It may be that the originally created earth’s higher atomic energy levels from God’s Glory meant much quicker nerve function than present day. Likewise the second creation prior to the Adam’s fall. (NB, I suggest, if we are looking for a cause to the degradation of everything including genetic deterioration, ageing, death-the ZPE degradation might be a suspect.-degradation at an atomic level might be behind it all)?


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