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The Default is God.

Did you know that God placed a knowledge of himself in your heart. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)  (Romans 1:20)

When you look at the stars at night you instinctively know there is a God. (Psalm 19:1)

When you study the creation you see and recognise and know it is His handiwork. (Romans 1:20)

God makes himself known to you many times in your lifetime. l(Kat Kerr)Here I am, do you want me?’

You have repeatedly rejected these advances if you are not a Christian.

Every child beneath an age of accountability is in Heaven. l(Kat Kerr)

Many people are in Heaven who have never heard of the Bible. ‘They do not know my word but they know me’

God does not send anyone to Hell, you send yourself there by rejecting Christ. l(Kat Kerr)

To reject Christ you must have been offered him.

‘If everyone went to Heaven it would be just like Earth.’ (God the Father via lKat Kerr)


Your every thought, word and action will be reviewed.  This would not be a comfortable watch for any of us. Your whole life will be instantly known to all there in the briefest moment and at this judgment they will all say. ‘Yes, we understand and this is a fair and righteous judgment.’ They will realise that for some of you no matter what God did you would not have bowed, even if he performed a miracle in front of your eyes. (Luke 11:29-30)

‘At the time of your judgement it will not be a negotiation.’ Chuck Missler

God is Righteous

He cannot just write off your sins. He has to balance the books.

In some deep way if God sent His only Son to live a perfect life and die a voluntary innocent death for you, then that can be used to write off your sins.

Jesus did not just die an innocent death but he took on a ‘cup of trembling’, he took on board all sin and its punishment and that too was ‘nailed’ to the cross. (The anxiety beforehand was so much to bear that he sweated blood)

All you have to do is accept this gift.

He would do it all again and he would do it all just for one of us, he would do it all just for you. True agape (John 3:16)

Life Abundant

It is the worry of the perceived ‘boring’ consequences of becoming a Christian that seems to stop some people from taking this step but the fact is you will have life more abundant if you do. (John 10:10)  (John 8:32)

An Eternity

I hope I can have a meal, a drink and a joke with you in eternity. No time, no pain, no suffering, sports, the arts and just about all non-sinful activities are there and enhanced. Existing to live and not living to exist. (THE HOLY SPIRIT via Kat Kerr)

The Bible Comes with a Promise

If you humbly seek the truth and you read the Bible it will change you. (Isaiah 55:11) (James1:5))

I challenge you to read the book of John with an open mind and with a prayer to have the truth revealed to you. Ask God if you need a saviour? God never lets you down.

‘The more you find about God the bigger he becomes.’ l(Kat Kerr)

‘The more you know about the Bible the more literal you will take it.’ Chuck Missler

God did not make diseases, genetic abnormalities, carnivorous activity, extreme weather, volcanoes, earthquakes  asteroids, death and suffering. None of these were in the original creations, these ere all an inevitable consequence and a reaction from within the creation to the presence of sin.

Sin is the biggest of big deals it has extreme penalties and requires extreme measures to get out of.  

Your choice, your freewill, choose wisely, be one of that number.


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