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A Perfect Harmony Epoch Begins Lit By the Glory of God

God creates a diverse range of plants with huge trees hundreds of feet tall and flowers thirty feet high. l(Kat Kerr).

A vast  number of sea creatures are created and placed in the sea .l(Kat Kerr).

God forms a transparent shield around the Earth made of two layers with water in between. l(Kat Kerr). There is twice as much water enclosed within this ‘water vapour shield’ as is present on the Earth. (l(Kat Kerr).

Water pours out from this shield and turns to mist on hitting the (warm) air and the whole world is bathed in mist under a peach-coloured sky. This mist comes from the water canopy downwards, but in the pre-fall second creation mist comes from the ground upwards. l (Kat Kerr).   (Job 37:18,+Comment) (Genesis 2:6). Man could not survive in these misty conditions. l(Kat Kerr).See the link opposite for a similitude with Genesis 1.

There is no rain, no thunder, no lightning and no real weather as we know it in this greenhouse world. l(Kat Kerr). The Moon is not in its current location and the sun is in dull, ‘dark plasma’ mode and is not visible or not as nearby as present, so by extension there are no tides. There are no meteorite impacts, no electromagnetic discharge machining, no volcanic activity, no earthquakes, just a flat calm sea. (Job 9:8.+Comment)

God creates the dinosaurs, some much bigger than already discovered and some up to ninety feet tall. l(Kat Kerr).

All live in perfect harmony with no death of nephesh chayyah animals (animals with a spirit/soul).

(Psalm 104:30,+Comment).  

There is no carnivorous activity carried out by nephesh chayyah animals. They only eat plants (dinosaurs included) with teeth designed for very dense and fibrous vegetation. Nephesh chayyah animals are not part of any food chain but non nephesh chayyah animals may eat each other. Death does not exist for these nephesh chay animals (at least where death is defined by the spirit/soul leaving the body, leaving the possibility of the body and spirit/soul both leaving the Earth together still open).  Death as defined by our modern terms exists for non-nephesh chayah animals and plants. There is no disease within any animals or plants and no genetic abnormalities. Nephesh chayah animals mature but do not age and their reproduction is bounded.

The world remains lit by the Glory of God. God imparted this Glory just by touching the water vapour shield. l(Kat Kerr). God’s Glory continues to shine from ‘within’. l(Kat Kerr). This light is bounded,  so a night time exists on the rotating Earth-a magnificent creation under a peach sky but still a little dimmer and a little ‘lower’ version of Heaven. (Hebrews 8:5). This provides a similitude with the second creation (see link in the margin opposite).


Fiery the angels fell [3]….

Trans-dimensional arc plasma…

The perfect ecosystems end..

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1. Expression first heard from Myles Lear on a boys skiing trip c 2010

2..Kurt Wise, YouTube presentation: Floating Forests,The success of Modern Creationism .Here and here

3. Quote from Blade Runner’s adaptions of William Blake poem :America:A Prophecy

no death,

no weather  no disease…

The Glory of God illuminates

the world…

A brighter world

Atomic decay greatly increases under the influence of God’s Glory light…

Millions of years of

no nephesh/chay animal death…

Watcher angels leave footprints in the sand…

The early dark biosphere thrives and

the   Archaeozoic

fossil strata are laid down… …thousand of feet over millions of years..

Kurt Wise’s major insight of  quaking bogs…

..God’s Glory Light  and a peach coloured sky

The Archaeozoic strata is laid down and is a part of God’s continually changing and growing creation process. The only fossilisation is of single cell organisms. Nothing else fossilises. There are no processes that lead to organisms being buried, no mud slides no extreme weather and any non-nephesh chayah animal that does die is quickly scavenged away. Millions of years pass.

Speculative Physics of  Three Lights: God’s Glory Light, Pre ‘Sin/Groaning’ Light , Post ‘Sin/Groaning’ Light (based on the electric universe model)

Electric Universe /Plasma (See Pick a Paradigm this site)

The electric universe model describes plasma and electromagnetic forces as being the dominant matter/forces in shaping the cosmos.

The Whole Creation Groans (not just a part of it) (Groan:a creaking sound made by an object under duress)

Romans 8:22 (KJV)  For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. NB. It groans until ‘now’ so the ‘groaning’ may have turned or not be the ‘whole’ anymore. (The time frame for this change starting around the time of Christ, the ‘groaning’ beginning at the fall). The whole of creation groans, so, I suggest this means everything in that creation: weather, organisms, zero-point energy, atomic energies/movements and light (+light speed) included.

A Variable Speed of Light

This is a controversial subject not least because a variable speed of light (VSL) would seem to contradict Einstein’s Theory but more researchers are starting to suggest  there was a quicker speed of light in ancient times, largely due to the ‘horizon’ problem. Summarised concisely in Layman’s terms  here  and  here. I speculate  that the speed of God’s Glory light is extremely fast or even un measurably fast and I suggest that its speed when unaffected by ‘sin/groaning’ is much faster than the post-‘groaning’ light of today.

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) (more on ZPE here and  here)

ZPE is a vast ubiquitous energy that exists throughout the cosmos and is thought by some scientists who specifically study this phenomenon to play a role in supplying the energy for atomic function and movements. Some scientists suggest that the ZPE originates with the expansion of the cosmos, and so increases as expansion goes on. However, I tentatively suggest that ZPE in the initial creation, before sin enters the world, is more ordered and smoother, whereas, after the fall/sin/‘groaning’, it becomes disordered and ‘batters’ sub-atomic particles more. The speed of light may, I also suggest, be slowed down due to this ZPE turbulence, rather than an increase in the ZPE strength due to cosmic expansion. The ZPE pre-sin would be more like a smooth, swift flowing river and not a choppy, turbulent one as it presents now. Instead of jostling the sub atomic particles, the ZPE just imparts more energy smoothly and with less jiggling forces. Hence, at the beginning of the cosmos, the atomic velocities are increased compared with today. These increased velocities  leading to increased atomic decay and an appearance of age. (It should be noted that the idea of a VSL due to a change in ZPE strength was first theorised by Barry Setterfield here, this is entirely his idea and not mine, I just speculate different drivers than him. It should also be noted that Setterfield is a passionate young Earth creationist and does not support many of the views on this site)

God’s Glory Light.

I suggest God’s Glory Light has unfathomable properties. lKerr describes this light as coming from within (perhaps extra-dimensional?) and no shadowing lKerr describes Heaven (also lit by God’s Glory) as having no shadows and light ‘seeming’ to come from everything. (Hebrews 8:5) states Earth is a shadow of heavenly things. I speculate that Gods Glory Light supplies its own ZPE and all atoms subjected to it are energised more than under our present ZPE conditions. Atomic decay greatly increases due to these increased velocities and is unaffected by sin/groaning. The remnants of Gods ‘eternal’ Glory Light may leave a CMB behind? Electron emissions and absorption greatly increase. I can even imagine light ‘splitting and propagating’. Well maybe?

Pre-Groaning Light

I suggest this light is not impinged by disordered ZPE, so atomic decay is higher and the speed of light is faster than after the fall/sin/groaning for the same reasons as God’s Glory Light but not to the same extent.

Post Groaning Light

I suggest that light after the fall groans too which may well be because of the disordered ZPE. This light speed, hence, slows to today’s rate.  Electron emissions and absorption are also at today’s rate.

Electron Excitability, Emission and Absorption

Background: Electrons can absorb and emit light. Atoms may raise their energy level by absorbing light. Electrons have an ‘urge’ to return to their lowest energy levels and when they do this, they emit a photon of light.  A Very specific amount of energy is required to make these electrons jump. Too much or too little will not be effective. The light emitted is specific to each element also. I suggest, God’s Glory Light greatly enhances this process.

To summarise, I suggest that in the early planet Earth light speed is much quicker and all light throughout the universe is blue-shifted and the whole creation and notably (ZPE and atomic movements) is more ordered than at present. Atomic decay is quicker giving an illusion of greater age. (Five light settings when and where here)

A Greenhouse World-The Archaeozoic Era

This is God’s Perfect world.

The greenhouse world has vast delicate ecosystems all more demarcated than the present world. The ecosystems are stable and well-defined with flora and fauna that are entrenched and very specifically adapted to their environment. The weather drivers of our present day’s changing ecosystems are not present to the same extent. A slow flood (originating from the sea) catastrophe hitting this world could ‘sample’ these ecosystems. A catastrophe that moves from sea inland could lay down strata containing fossils in layers, reflecting these clearly defined and different ecosystems. This would give the illusion of organisms evolving from sea to land animals.

A different hydrological cycle is present with water falling from the water canopy. Rivers and streams are rare and much reduced in size compared to the present day: they also flow at a reduced speed. Very little erosion occurs, so very little sedimentation and virtually no fossilisation takes place except for some microbe fossilisation which is part of God’s plan for land expansion and growth. There is no ‘wasted’ death to fossilise, all dead animals (non nephesh chayyah) are scavenged to base constituents in both sea and on land and likewise plants. The world is teaming with life and dense lush vegetation.

There are no humans in this creation, but it is tended by many Watcher Angels who are fleshy (carbon based) and build their own dwellings and may have their own domesticated pets.(Daniel 4:13.17,23)

God Does Not Do the Same

A constantly changing creation seems to be God’s plan, all creatures change within their ‘kind’. (Comment). Genetically rich core animals [1] are the original creation and they always retain their form or ‘kind’ during this diversification process. There are no genetic mutations in this world, just inbuilt genetic potential that is realised. This world thrives for millions of years and the Watcher Angels may occasionally leave their footprints alongside dinosaur tracks which may also (very occasionally) become fossilised at the beginning of catastrophic events as organisms flee these catastrophes. (Animals make footprints all the time but none are preserved due to lack of a sedimentary fossilisation processes)

All organisms or their same ‘kind’ predecessors that are found in the Archaeozoic, Palaeozoic and Mesozoic fossil records are present on the Earth at this initial point in creation. There has been only one creative event by God at this stage.

A huge ‘potential’ for sedimentary fossilisation exists throughout the whole world as there is no erosion by rain, unlike today, so sediments are not washed away by fast moving rivers, streams and tides.  

Vast Floating Mats

Kurt Wise [2] (here) theorised about the presence of floating mats of flora and fauna in the early Earth likening them to the ‘quaking’ bogs of today. (It should be noted Wise is a young Earth creationist so he will disagree with many of the ideas on this site.) He describes how evolutionary theory for plants is supported by the plant fossil record by what he very aptly terms ‘terrestiality’. Basically, greater terrestiality allows a plant to live farther from standing water. Plant fossils show chronologically, greater and greater terrestiality’ (live farther and farther from open water). He also describes how hollow trees found within the fossil record have hollow root like structures that could not have grown through soil but would have allowed the trees to float in water. He suggests that these floating mats caught in a flood could explain some aspects of the stratigraphic column. Wise believes these trees would have been strong enough to withstand heavy weather.

I entirely agree with his insight and would like to extend this concept. I suggest these trees would not need to withstand strong weather because in this ‘greenhouse world’ first creation there was no such weather. However, this changes when the perfect ecosystems were damaged by Satan’s fall. (See later). I suggest that these floating mats were vast and surround the whole land mass, extending for hundreds of miles.(Maybe even all land was like this-remember Gods Glory light can fully illuminate under these mats). I also suggest the sea was much shallower extending significantly further out than at present and was calm due to their being no weather or Sun and Moon induced tides. There is only just one third of the current amount of water on Earth at this time. Colonisation by single cell organisms living under these mats and subsequent fossilisation, is part of the process of this land mass expanding-again God Glory light illuminating ‘deeper’ than we find today.

The conditions under these mats can be compared to our present day ‘dark biosphere’ where the lack of light and physical constraints mean they can only be inhabited by single cell organisms. God’s Glory light likely permeates further and comes from ‘within’ compared to our ‘normal’ light, so these microbes are situated much deeper than our present examples. As the land expands, these areas get thicker and also colonise downwards into the created terrain, leading some areas to grow to several miles thick with single cell microbes.

Teeth designed for chewing very fibrous vegetation look like carnivorous ones…

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