God’s Judgement falls….

Darkness and a flood…

Millions of years later..

Billions  of vast arc plasma ‘prison vans’

..prolonged with huge irregular  footprints, and deeply mining..

‘I will be like the most high…’

(Isaiah 14:14)

Billions and billions of angels fall in enormous arc plasma bolts…


…Not surface discharges but burrowing deeply into the ground to the level of Hell

Immense power, capable of shifting billions of tons of rocks..

Fossils begin to be laid down that are not part of God’s plan …

The Cambrian is laid down..

Floods may in effect, ‘sample’ eco-systems and deposit them in layers…

New flora and fauna may dominate and show greater numbers in the fossil record…

Double whammy:

Satan destroying the creation and the creation reacting to sin  with ‘natural’ catastrophes

..the second major catastrophe: The Permian extinction occurs…

All nephesh chayyah animals are herbivores by default…but that is about to change

The catastrophes select organism by location and deposit in layers

Nephesh chayyah meaning: spirit containing organisms…

EDM= Electrical Discharge Mining

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‘Fiery The Angels Fell, Deep Thunder Rolled about their Shores’- (Quote from Blade Runner’s adaption of William Blake’s poem: America:a Prophecy)

The Slow destruction of planet Earth is about to begin: Satan is allowed access inside God and to the Holy Places situated in there, he witnesses the worship and the affect it has on God and wants it for himself. l(Kat Kerr). He travels around heaven canvassing support and displaying his beauty and talents. l(Kat Kerr).  This took some time and every angel was tempted and (shockingly) a third of Angels succumbed. l(Kat Kerr). (Revelation 12:3-4).. It was only worship angles who fell and not all of them. l(Kat Kerr). We are to replace them in eternity. l(Kat Kerr).

Robin Bullock points out (here) that Satan, in his rage at discovering and his envy of man’s proposed creation with vast gifts and  attributes started to destroy the Earth even before his judgment, he also points out that Satan and his soon to be fallen angles had some kind of Governance role in the physical realm. The Bullock YouTube link above is very provocative and a must see, Robin likens ‘in his image’ and ‘like the most high’ to be almost synonymous with Satan wanted to be like man (in design) and if he cannot. he will destroy the Earth where man will be homed. God knows (and maybe testing the angels) what is happening but lets it proceed. l(Kat Kerr).  At a certain point God reaches his tolerance limit and evicts Satan from heaven ‘like lightning’. l(Kat Kerr).

(Isaiah 14:12-14,+Comment)    (Ezekiel 28:13-19,+Comment)  (Luke 10:18).

The angels who fell were evicted likewise (by vastly charged arc plasma lightning bolts?) one at a time. This angelic eviction took ‘some time’. l(Kat Kerr).  (Job 37:3.+Comment)

The lightning like event traverses the spiritual and physical realm and lightning and thunder are seen and heard in both dimensions and for the first time on Earth. We can only speculate at the power of such a trans-dimensional phenomenon. The cargo carrying lightning pierces the canopy and it also pierces the sea and land while depositing Satan and the fallen angels through the Earth or sea to some depth (not just onto the surface) and into Hell, which has been prepared as a domain for them (not a prison). It is not just lightning but a large bulk arc plasma ‘train’ carrying a ‘cargo’ of Satan and his demons one bolt for each one, consecutively.

There is no mass death and fossilisation in God’s creation , so the appearance of mass fossilisation (the Cambrian) corresponds to this initial attack on creation and the effects of the judgment.

One third of the angels fell. We do not know how many that entails but we can guesstimate a minimum number. lKerr has revealed that everybody has at least one guardian angel and many have several.

Robin Bullock has revealed that it can take a thousand demons to have an effect on even one person.

With a world population of over 7.5 billion, this leads to a guesstimate that a third of all angels is certainly billions and likely trillions.

God’s ‘aim’ of the lightning bolts means there will be no death of nephesh chayyah animals by the judgment process or any follow on disasters. Trillions of angels falling like lightning at great speed (speed of light) makes this likely to be a very violent event and I suggest this contributes to the first worldwide catastrophic event on Earth-misnomered the snowball Earth.

Speculative Physics of Satan falling like Lightning

I refer to and strongly advise again, a read of Tom Findlay’s very provocative book: ‘A beginners View of our Electric Universe.’ here. The idea that all the meteorite craters we see may be from arc plasma events is based  on his book, and his description of their potential and power is very thought provoking. My interpretation of Satan’s and the angel’s fall by ‘lightning’ is based on his observations of electrical discharge machining (EDM) as used in industry today. (Findlay does not state his Faith viewpoint, his is a scientific book and not theological.)

I visualise a large irregular ‘solid block’ of arc plasma lightning gouging out the Earth’s surface and picking up billions of tons of debris-rather like a tornado-to produce the sometimes vast (two miles thick) diamictite layer that appears in the snowball Earth rock strata. I can also visualise the electromagnetic discharge being powerful enough to transport boulders thousands of miles away (or even into space) and also to be able to drop them back to Earth to produce the exploding boulder and rivers of stone effect seen in the rock strata at this point in the stratigraphic column.

I would expect God’s ‘aim’ to not kill any nephesh chayyah animals (any subsequent follow on catastrophes likewise) and would expect the strata thus produced to not feature intact fauna and floras but maybe some remnants of non-nephesh chay animals and plants pulverised and fried by the process.

The potential differences between this lightning and other charged bodies (planets) as they pass by may lead to discharges between them and explain some of the concentrated cratering on these planets as it ‘passes’ and may give an answer to the asymmetrical distribution of craters on these planets.

Speculative Physics to Satan’s First Reaction

I highly recommend the revelations of Robin Bullock here and here.  He is, I believe like Kerr , one of this new generation of Prophets and revelators who will usher in the prophesied time of increased knowledge (the bible included). (Dan 12:4) (Hab 2:14)

Bullock describes how Satan had some sort of Governance role on Earth and in the physical realm (and likewise, the Angels too) and also throughout the universe and with a specific dealing with gravity. It could be that relaxing of the precise gravitational parameters around planet Earth enhance natural catastrophes and also play a role in the Snowball Earth and the subsequent flooding which leads to the Cambrian layer. It is also conceivable that Satan had more power before he was cast down. Bullock also describes Satan immediately trying to destroy Earth as soon as he discovered the plans for man. Bullock fascinatingly describes Psalm 8 and Hebrews 2 as referring to Satan venting his anger and jealousy in God’s courts.


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1. Creation,com Geological strata :they're everywhere here

2..The Fossil record becoming more random all the time: John Woodmanappe . Creation.com  here

3. The historical origin of the floating mat model for the origin of carboniferous coal beds: Steve Austin and Roger Walters  here

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 Robin Bullock’s take on ‘like the most high’ and Psalm 8 and the parable of the Good Samaritan are astonishing- a must see

here and here.

None Single cell Fossilisation Begins

The perfect ecology of God’s creation is disturbed and for some fauna/flora extinction beckons as they may now lose their habitat forever.

This event is the first catastrophe and is worldwide: the snow ball earth disaster appears in the stratigraphic column and so it corresponds to Satan’s and the Angel’s fall.

Much slow flooding occurs from this catastrophe with excess water from the perforated water shield and the resulting general slow rise in sea levels mean there is no longer a calm sea. Huge amounts of sediment built up over millions of years are leached away from and through the floating land mats and this buries very many small organisms above and around and below these floating mats. The coast line moves inland.

The Cambrian fossil record is laid down and is dominated by the organisms unable to escape this slow ecological catastrophe situated in and around the mats. Hence, shallow marine flora and fauna and mud dwellers in their trillions dominate the fossil record at this time. God’s staggering diversity of creation in this habitat becomes apparent. The subsequent effects are confined to non-nephesh chayyah organisms by location. God could not be responsible for the death of non-sinful nephesh chayyah animals.


Some Basic Background to Fossil Deposition

Separation by Mobility, Intelligence, Location, Ecosystem, Protection By Watcher Angels and the Attribute of Nephesh/Chayyah

When dealing with catastrophes mentioned in this essay several factors may contribute to which group of animals die first and so. are fossilised first and hence appear in the earliest fossil record. This fossil separation will mainly depend on the location, type and speed of the catastrophe.

So, take an example of a slow rise in sea level inducing a flood: those animals living close to the shore and those lacking mobility and intelligence to escape may succumb first. As floods move inland flora and fauna located there may follow. For this type of slow flood those with greater mobility for instance birds and bigger animals may completely escape.

In this first created world some ‘higher’ nephesh chayah animals may also be protected more by watcher angels and these may escape even more severe catastrophes.

Gradualism or Catastrophes

Fossilisation is actually rare in ‘normal’ conditions, nearly all dead organisms decompose quickly (bones and all) from various scavengers after death. They will only be preserved if they are covered quickly and at sufficient depth to steer clear of these scavengers. Creationists generally believe that fossilisation is almost exclusively down to catastrophe(s), whereas, evolutionists tend to believe more in gradualism, fossils laid down in very low numbers over extremely long periods of time.

Multiple Catastrophes and Proliferation of New different Kinds and Extinction of old kinds.

The most abundant creatures will show up most often in the fossil record.

After an ecological disaster the dominant fossils (most abundant life forms) of the previous time may become extinct due to the subsequent ecological change or even complete loss of habitat by the catastrophe. These will be replaced by proliferations of different ‘kinds’ even though these different ‘kinds’  were present with the now extinct creatures in the previous time but in smaller numbers and different locations and may not yet be ‘found’ in the fossil record.

Diversity is always driven by the prevailing conditions and innate genetic potential being realised, this along with multiple catastrophes will select and reveal these changes.

This Long Life-Long Gap Model as described on this site is based on a multiple catastrophes model. I believe it answers all of the questions.

Studies have shown floods themselves will also result in sediment deposition in layers [1] here

A very violent flood may not give the opportunity for any animals to escape at all.

If all these factors are considered then the interpretation of fossils in rock strata becomes very complex but all currently discovered strata can, I believe, be explained by these considerations.

I would expect the lines between the different stratigraphic layers to blur with greater discovery of more ‘rarer’ fossils [2] here

I, like most Christians look forward to more fossil discovery. Bring them on!

The Palaeozoic Era ,The Earth Groans, Wrecking Ball Satan & The Permian Extinction

Eventually, Satan and his angels work their way to the Earth’s surface with a will to destroy all of life on Earth and they begin to wreak havoc.

Satan starts to impart evil into the world. l(Kat Kerr). He sets about making the world a wilderness by every means available to him. (Isaiah.14:16-17,+Comment).  It may be that earthquakes, volcanism and the resultant tsunamis are his primary weapons.

He takes control of the weather (the Prince of the air), so, spiritually induced catastrophes begin. (Satan may even be able to facilitate or even orchestrate meteorite/EDM events or even other planet destruction? Of which there is some evidence). (Ephesians.2:2+.Comment)  (Job 38:26+.Comment).

Vast swathes of flora and fauna are decimated and the presence of evil changes everything. Sin enters the world and the whole creation groans. (Romans 8:22,+Comment).

A double onslaught from, not just Satan, but also a reaction to sin from within the creation itself with further extreme weather, electromagnetic discharge machining (EDM), extensive volcanism and meteorite activity-all hit planet earth. The delicate balance and perfect harmony of the creation suffers ecological catastrophes as rain falls for the first rime with erosion, flooding and sea surges leading to sea level rises. The coastline may even continue to move further inland.The dense mist of the atmosphere changes.

The perfect stability is lost. Watcher angels protect higher ‘nephesh chayyer’ animals and the catastrophes are not generally in their locality and not severe or quick enough that they cannot escape. They do not appear in this earlier fossilisation process.

The multiple catastrophes producing different layers within the strata and account for the multiple periods within the major eras.

The Foot Prints in the Sand

The sometimes slowness of the flooding process means, at first, some animals can escape so their foot prints are found first in the fossil record before they themselves succumb.

Due to the rising sea levels and a now rough sea the catastrophes start from the coast line and work inwards. Plants cannot escape this process but many animals can so we would expect to see a slow gradual ‘terrestialisation’ (term coined by Kurt Wise) of plants in the fossil record starting with marine plants, marine-side plants and then progressing to those found more inland. Maritime and shore side habitats are flooded first. Further vast amounts of sediment are washed away burying organisms in that vicinity. More animals and plants located in these regions die and some never to be seen again.

The mass fossilisation in the stratigraphic column is largely by habitat and location due to the larger animals and birds still escaping by their increased mobility. Floating mats of vegetation are decimated and no longer widespread and their delicate trees are lost to the water (in their trillions) which leads to vast coal deposits being laid down. See below for Sanders and Austin’s insight on this.

Some further catastrophes (whether they be by direct action from the fallen ones, the Earth groaning or follow on effects of previous catastrophes) result in death and fossilisation of those affected ecosystem’s flora and fauna, the dominant animal and plant types always showing up more. The changing ecosystems before and after the floods will show different dominant types and this too will show in the strata.

Blurred lines

With more fossils becoming available I would expect, again, further blurring of these boundaries too as the rarer organisms that have been there all along start to be found. So, some organisms will be rendered extinct not to show up again, some organisms will change within their own kind.

(Sanders and Austin, 2018) give a very good explanation of coal formation in their floating mat model [3] here.  I suggest, that it could be that this process could be augmented by multiple floods.



Satan had to have consent to possess the snake (l(Kat Kerr)), so, in consistency, initially Satan cannot control the higher nephesh chay animals.

The wages of sin is death and as sin spreads through the animal kingdom, death, disease and decay spreads and the whole of creation ‘groans’ more. Carnivorous activity by nephesh chayyah animals in the fossil record corresponds to sin entering this ‘level’ of animals at that point and shows how far Satan has penetrated up the hierarchy of these animals. Carnivory and predation may also be  a reaction from within the creation to the presence of sin- built into the design.

The Permian Extinction

This continues for a long time but eventually sin becomes pervasive throughout the world and the Watcher Angel protection may be removed from more animals (and possibly ‘higher’ animals).

One such particularly severe meteorite event (or electromagnetic discharge mining event) and resultant volcanic activity results in the Permian Extinction. This leads to mass extinctions with as much as 95% of sea animals and 70 % of terrestrial species being wiped out.  Some animals protected by Watcher Angels can escape this as can others protected by location and mobility and those capable of adapting to the new prevailing conditions.

The world continues to re-establish itself for many years with different dominant types showing changes from inbuilt genetic potential and this process of destruction and re-growth continues for a long time.


Speculative parallels