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1. Creation,com Geological strata :they're everywhere here

2  Is the K/T the Post-Flood boundary?—part 1: introduction and the scale of sedimentary rocks by Michael J. Oard  here 3. ‘The only constant in life is change’ -Heraclitus

4.“Quote based on film ‘Blade Runner’s quote about replicants. ' more human than human’

Post orbital constrictions…

No foreheads….

Large brow lines…

Normal human variety?

‘Less human than human’ 4

The Tyrell Corp has got nothing on the fallen ones

Speculative Physics of A Dark Ice Epoch

The whole universe is in darkness and the Earth seems to have a deeper and thicker darkness also. I suggest God turns down the ‘capacitor’ so the whole electric universe current is switched off, all plasma goes to dark mode and the stars give off no light. The ZPE strength is greatly reduced throughout the entire universe except for planet Earth. If Jesus ‘stretching out the heavens’ has a meaning of continually stretching then I believe this stopped too at this point. (here)

Earth has an additional judgement, as well, so that no light can shine on Earth, God makes a thick band of highly disordered ZPE preventing the propagation of any light whatsoever. Atoms under this influence achieve maximum mass due to the enormous giggling forces by the now extremely irregular ZPE and this weight can be ‘felt’-‘a darkness that you can feel’. (Due to the heavier atomic masses?) Atomic clocks tick at their slowest possible rate and atomic decay is very slow, much slower than at present. Atomic energy is at its lowest. If light could propagate it would be extreme red light shifted. Satan and his angels are trapped in darkness as light cannot be produced by any process, the light is ‘trapped’ in the atom.


The first flood, much quicker  and more violent than Noah’s…

‘Many dinosaurs buried instantly en masse…

..a dark

ice ball


..a darkness you can feel as happened in Moses's time ..

Atomic masses increasing  and detectable by our senses

Biological similarity must occur…..




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..bring forth means the subject doing the  bringing  forth contains it-this is a  design statement and not about the constituents

The Mesozoic Era

Gods First Judgment-Darkness and a Flood -The Cretaceous/Tertiary Extinction

God’s patience eventually runs out and He judges the world by removing His Glory and plunges the Earth and also, (by ‘switching off the electric current’) the whole universe into darkness. All life on the planet perishes with a catastrophic and violent flood (with the possible exception of non-photosynthetic microbes). He reaches from Heaven and bursts the water vapour shield with his finger. l(Kat Kerr) .

.Trillions and trillions of gallons of water falling at great speed onto the Earth. Splitting land masses, catapulting them over one another with some land masses finishing many miles from their original position burying much flora and fauna almost instantly in the process. (Isaiah 24:1). Protection from Watcher Angels is removed and now all animal and plants are wiped out with and many new organisms appearing in the fossil record. In some areas significant amounts of the atmosphere are also trapped by this process. l(Kat Kerr)  Chronologically coincident organisms fossils looking to be from different eras in the fossil record.

(2.Peter.3:5-7,+comment)  (Psalm 104:5-7,+Comment)  (Job 9:6,+comment)  (Isaiah24:1+comment).

A different flood to Noah's and much more violent, quicker and from above only. God’s finger print may leave a crater imprint on earth.

Massive burying of animals and plants occurs with huge amounts of mud deposited extremely quickly and in layers. Again, millions of year’s worth of potential sediment, this time, further inland, that has never been affected by the previous catastrophes is suddenly swept away. Much more than Noah’s flood and unlike Noah’s flood there is no scolding water component from the depths to disintegrate some of the animal and plant matter. Organisms are fossilised in order by habitat, region and their ability to escape the flood (mobility). There are no humans, so no human fossils are present.

Several studies show a flood will result in a deposition of layers, one,  here [1].

The Mesozoic era fossil record is thus laid down and completed.

Several studies have supported the Cretaceous-Tertiary as a worldwide flood boundary, one here  [2].

A Dark Ice Ball Epoch

God continues his flood judgement by breathing on the water and freezing the now totally water covered Earth. (Job.37:10,+comment) . The switching down of the electric universe leads to total darkness throughout it with all light gone. Additional to the light switch off, no light can propagate at all on planet Earth due to ‘a thick swaddling band around it (Job 38:9 below)’. These judgements last for millions of years.

(Isaiah.45:12+Comment)  (Job 9:5-8,+Comment)  (Job.38:6-9,+Comment) (Job 26:8,+Comment)     (Job.38:29&30,+Comment)    (Jeremiah 4:23,+Comment)  (Jeremiah 4:28,+Comment)

Vast amounts of rock formation occurs by the enormous pressures involved giving an illusion of eons of time but really much of the rock formation happening together and quickly.  The Earth(surface of the water) remains frozen throughout this entire period. No animal or plant life survives-a dark ice ball epoch. (Possibly non photosynthetic microbes may?) The deep freeze preserves some organic tissue for a very long time. The Earth remains in a state of constant seismic activity for a considerable time after this judgment. (Psalm.82:5-8,+Comment)   (Jeremiah 4:23-28,+Comment)

Speculative Physics of Genesis 1 3-31

lKerr describes God saying ‘Let there be light’ and light is instantly visible on and around Earth.  I suggest this is light from the spiritual realm. The swaddling band is instantly changed from chaotic to ordered.  Likewise, (Genesis 14-18) I suggest that God just switches back on the electromagnetic ‘capacitor’ for the plasma universe and reorders and re-builds the ZPE. The current for the electric universe being switched back on and cascading throughout the universe.  An Earth centric propagation (the sun is before the stars. (Genesis 1:16)).

The stars start to shine immediately  but the ZPE and electric currents that feed the stars are of reduced strength, and they take time to build and spread throughout the cosmos. (1 Corinthians 15:41)

All the initial light emitted around the universe is maximum red light shifted. The shift to blue is initially quite quick.

The speed of light is very quick and at its maximum rather like the original creation as the growing ZPE is now more ordered and no longer impedes the flow of light.

When we look at the very distant stars now we are seeing starlight before the ZPE was at its full extent and some of these stars show this red light shift process. The light from these stars is only just reaching here and some are still yet to reach here.

God re-switching the universe back on changes the ZPE and concurrently He turns up the dial on the capacitor of the Electric Universe. Both of these electromagnetic forces start to increase across the universe but again geocentric-starting from planet Earth.

The speed of light is initially very rapid as the ZPE is ordered but then the effects of sin leads to the ZPE ‘groaning’ and becoming more random/less ordered and hence greatly increasing its turbulence on sub atomic particles and concurrently slowing down the speed of light to today’s pace.


Cenozoic Era

The Reinstallation-‘The Beginning of Creation’ (Man), Genesis 1:3-31

(It may be helpful to read the Genesis commentary here before you read this)

God wants a family l(Kat Kerr), so He decides it is time to selectively remake many parts of the original creation and to populate it with a very special new creation-man-made in His image and His likeness. He carries out a reinstallation programme with organisms copied from the previous creation, some being modified and some whole new creations. The previous creation ‘brings forth’ organisms with the same or similar design as the previous creation (this is a design phrase, a kind of ‘copy and paste [and sometimes edit]’-the design is somehow held in whatever is doing the bringing forth, God almost seems to be issuing a copyright acknowledgement as he ‘calls back’ designs from the first creation).  

He does it in six literal 24 hour days if viewed from planet Earth:

God instantly melts the ice on the still frozen Earth and God’s Holy Spirit moves upon the waters.

(Psalm 104:5-7,+Comment)

Day 1:A literal 24 hour day as viewed from planet earth

God lets light from the spiritual realm be visible in the physical, the light is similar but a lesser imitation of His Glory light. The properties of light compared with his glory light (and possibly all light in the first creation) fulfils a type-a parallel story comparing humans with planet earth. This may give one reason as to why light possesses its mysterious duality as this fulfils its resemblance to God’s Glory to fulfil this ‘type’ see the links in the margin opposite. Unlike Gods Glory Light, it is now under a command to be separated from darkness, so it is not as pervasive and so there can now be darkness too.

Light becomes instantly visible in the entire universe, its origin being the spiritual realm. I believe Moses is taken back in time and views the whole process to write Genesis with this light. Earth is a lesser version of Heavenly things, including light. The spiritual realm light coming to te physical realm ‘loses’ something in the process. (2 Corinthians 4:6,+Comment)  (Genesis 1:3-4)  (Hebrews 8:5)

Day 2:A literal 24 hour day as viewed from planet Earth

God separates the water into two parts: water on Earth and water held in the sky between two glassy looking very strong membranes as in the first creation.

(Genesis 1:6-8)  (Psalm 104:5-7) (Job 37:18,+Comment).

Day 3:A literal 24 hour day as viewed from planet Earth

God rearranges the land and water so that land is visible as one land mass with multiple  water ingresses. God creates in layers: water, air, water, land. l(Kat Kerr).

Genesis 1’s use of the words ‘bara’, ‘asah’ and ‘yatsar’ (see this site here) reveal God makes vegetation based on and similar but not necessarily identical to vegetation in the previous world. No newly created designs of vegetation were used at this point and some of the previous world’s vegetation is not copied and remains extinct. For every plant in our present world, the design is present in one or other plants on the previous world. Any plant not yet found in the fossil record will be and some flowering plants will look more like trees in the fossil record being 20+ feet tall. The re-makes are now much smaller. Some plants may origin from Eden and be new designs.

(Genesis 1:11-13) (Job 26:5)

Day 4: A literal 24 hour day as viewed from planet earth

God ‘re-fires’ up the sun and moves the Moon and/or Sun and Moon to  their present location and into their current orbits. God re-ignites the stars by turning up the ‘dial’ and restores the charges to the Electric Universe in the entire cosmos and light from some, but not all of them, almost instantly reaches earth.(‘And it was so’) . The Earth is now dually lit.  (Five possible light settings)

(Genesis 1:14-17)  (Isaiah.45:12+Coment)  (Isaiah 48:13+Comment) (2 Corinthian4:6+Comment)

All the light that originally hits the Earth is maximum red light shifted and it initially changes to more blue shifted light quickly as the atomic energy levels grow with the zero point energy and electric current levels re-establishing. This initial, quickly changing red shifted light from some distant stars is still just reaching us.

Day 5: A literal 24 hour day as viewed from planet earth

Again, Genesis 1’s use of the words ‘bara’, ‘asah’ and ‘yatsar’ show that God makes animals, fish and birds based on designs from the previous creation, some are close copies, some have significant modifications and some are whole new creations. The design for these creatures is somehow held within the waters and called back by God. This is not limited to sea dwelling creatures but just to creatures whose ‘design’ is ‘held’ there. God makes a new creation of whales and some new birds at this point too.

(Genesis 1:20-23)   (Job 26:5)

Day 6; A literal 24 hour day as viewed from planet earth

Genesis 1’s use of the words ‘bara’, ‘asah’ and ‘yatsar’ shows that God remakes other animals and insects based on a design that already had previously existed in the original creation and was somehow held within the Earth.

The days themselves and general order in Genesis allow for some staggering similitudes with Gap Theory see the link in the margin opposite.

(Genesis 1:24-25)   (Job 26:5)

God makes man and copies His own design (body, spirit and soul corresponding to Jesus, God the Father and The Holy Spirit) and the same morphology head body face etc. He also makes him in His likeness, so having some of God’s traits and attributes. Little ‘thumbnails’ of God. This design is an exalted high privilege and coveted by Satan. God takes 4 hours on Earth to make man’s soul. l(Kat Kerr)).

(Genesis 1:26-27)

God creates a garden of astonishing beauty and uses plants from Heaven not seen on Earth before to populate it. l(Kat Kerr).

God has streams of living water flowing out of himself with precious stones within it  l(Kat Kerr)). Parallel ‘type’ stories exist between this and Eden, the Holy Spirit/Jesus and humans see opposite. These strongly supports Gap Theory.(In my opinion are probably proof of it)

The Same Principles of Design as the Previous Creation

The second world is of awesome beauty and in perfect harmony. Before Adam’s fall he can see the spiritual realm with the physical (lKat Kerr)), and hence God, after the fall he can only see the physical realm and just hear God l(Kat Kerr)).

There is no death of ‘nephesh chayah’ animals, no volcanism, no extreme weather, no meteorite (or EDM) impact. ‘Nephesh chayyah’ animals grow and mature but do not age and degenerate. Reproduction rate is bounded. All present day organisms and all organisms present in the tertiary and quaternary periods (or their predecessor kind ) are present at this point.

An abrupt change in the fossil record would be expected between the Cretaceous and the Cenozoic with many organisms becoming extinct and many new ones suddenly appearing with biological similarity to the previous era’s animals and plants. The fossil record confirms this is so.

The fossil record will show what proportion of animals and reptiles God recreated or chose not to recreate, so, we can see that at this time of Adam and Eve there is an almost complete absence of dinosaurs and reptiles when compared to the cretaceous epoch previously. Most dinosaurs were not remade but many mammals and some with significant differences were added. There is a gap of millions of years between the cretaceous and the Cenozoic but the slowdown of atomic decay caused by the increase in ZPE disorder may mask this gap.

The flora and fauna of Palaeocene and subsequent periods may change with their inbuilt genetic potential to do so. By similar processes to the previous creation, some organisms may later become extinct and some will by this genetic richness diversify into the modern day ‘kinds’ we see now. There are new kinds in this creation  and true primates now make an appearance but they will have to be based on a similar kind whose design is ‘called back’. The world initially resembles the previous creation, no ‘weather’, no death of ‘nephesh chayyah’ animals, no volcanoes, no earthquakes, another perfect world-but not for long.(But now watered from the ground upwards)

Sin Wreaks Havoc in the Creation Again

Multiple Catastrophes Again

Adam falls, sin enters the world  (kosmos) again and the Earth groans (Romans 8:22).

The same eternal rules apply, the Earth is now subject to extreme weather, volcanism, meteor impacts, earthquakes, (or EDM cratering) and hence, many disasters and much fossilisation occurs. Satan imparts evil into the whole of creation again.

Two main disasters are recorded in the Bible: Noah’s flood and the days of Pelag when the land mass was divided. lKat Kerr gives more detail about the days of Pelag and describes seeing the land split and water enter into the gap from below.

Both of these disasters lead to many years of follow on disasters (and an ice age) and subsequent recoveries all of which will appear as mass fossilization in the strata.  

As previously described, the formation of different layers will occur again as with the first flood, with separations of flora and fauna by location, mobility and severity and type of catastrophe. Dominant organisms of the particular era will feature most in the strata but this dominance can change with changing conditions, so, different organisms may feature in different times. There is also still the inbuilt change of many organisms and all of this makes for a further very complicated fossil record.

There are several studies that suggest Noah’s Flood boundary is in the late Cenozoic. One here

The Population Scatters

In the time of Babel new ethnicities and languages are introduced.  God is proactive in this process. (Note how easy it is to change neural feedback and see how these newsreader’s speech is affected by some probable local phenomenon and how some do not even realise the change themselves) here. The catastrophes result in widespread loss of human structure and society so while rebuilding many societies have to live more primitively than before. Caves and temporary shelters are used and archeologically these give the appearance of a less advanced culture than actually is and these people groups are often termed cavemen.

God’s Contingency Plan-Diversification-Change is a Constant [3]

lKat Kerr reveals that all disease is caused by sin, so there were no genetic abnormalities until the time of Adam’s fall in the remade world or in the first creation before Satan’s introduction of sin.

I believe that God built within his genetic plan a contingency for any eventuality, one such eventually was the fall of man and death entering the world. The genetic change towards predation will begin at this point, but the design potential for it is already in the genomes of every organism.

Genetically rich core animals are preserved in the arc and from their inbuilt diversification potential all modern species are established.

Diversification-God’s Astonishing-Pre Programmed Potential

God’s creation constantly changes with many variations by innate potential but always bounded with their own ‘kind’. Some kinds may lead to many thousands of species and even other ‘kinds’.

this image is from ‘someone’ ‘standing’ in the spirit’ as people in the spirit see with trans-dimensional spiritual  light… l(Kat Kerr).


electrical  discharge mining

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