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1. Creation,com Geological strata :they're everywhere here

2  Is the K/T the Post-Flood boundary?—part 1: introduction and the scale of sedimentary rocks by Michael J. Oard  here 3. ‘The only constant in life is change’ -Heraclitus

4.“Quote based on film ‘Blade Runner’s quote about replicants. ' more human than human’

Post orbital constrictions…

No foreheads….

Large brow lines…

Normal human variety?

‘Less human than human’ 4

The Tyrell Corp has got nothing on the fallen ones

..a dark

ice ball


..a darkness you can feel as happened in Moses's time ..

Atomic masses increasing  and detectable by our senses

Biological similarity must occur…..




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..bring forth means the subject doing the  bringing  forth contains it-this is a  design statement and not about the constituents


electrical  discharge mining

**Similitude** Light and God here

**Similitude** Earth and Humankind


**Similitude** Earth and individual  Humans


**Similitude** The Holy Spirit

And Eden#1


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John 5:39

‘…and they are they which testify of me’

Gap Theory Reveals Jesus  in The Genesis’ Similitudes


Gap revael


**Similitude** living water & spiritual gifts and water vapour


**Similitude** Judged from above and below


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a frozen Earth in darkness…

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**Similitude** Genesis days Gap Theory Christ 3 days in the belly of earth


**Similitude** The Holy Spirit/Jesus

And Eden#2


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**The Genesis Similitudes**

Who did what and why?


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The use of ‘it was so’ reveals a copy


Speculative parallels



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Every fossil layer explained and all from Genesis  

Sincere apologies that this web site is temporarily down. I can reveal that the arguments presented within it have been very significantly refined and I feel so strongly about the new additions to it that I feel I can boldly say that:

Genesis no longer supports young Earth Creationism

and I can prove it!  (It’s all in the new book, (here))

How can I say this?

Scripture interprets scripture.


By the application of just 5 biblical verses to Genesis 1 and 2, previously hidden structural rules are revealed. With these I can give a reason for the order of the creation itself, why specific life was made and why they were made on certain specific days. I can also explain the choice of specific animal/plant categories within the days and even give an explanation for the description and order of these categories too. All testify to The Lord Jesus Christ and reveal much New Testament doctrine at the same time. The whole will also prove Gap Theory way, way beyond any doubt.

These new arguments are all described in my new book:

Double Constructs and the Kosmos-Ruah Metaphor.

Available  now at Amazon (here) and with other book sellers to follow.


The KT Extinction level actually testifies to Christ.