1. The  undeniable truth of Gap Theory proven from scripture and revealed in ‘the Genesis Similitudes’ on this site (here)
  2. A Genesis  1 commentary combined with the Genesis Similitudes-YouTube presentation
  3. Jesus confirms Gap Theory in scripture-YouTube presentation
  4. More details on The Genesis similitudes, ‘double constructs’ and ‘kinds’- all confirm Gap Theory-YouTube presentation

How Old is the Earth Then?

The Bible does not seem to say how old the Earth is, or more likely, we have not found where it does? lKerr has on separate occasions described the Earth as millions of years old and hinted that the gap may also be millions of years. So, not really a ‘very old earth’ and certainly not a ‘young earth’ more maybe aa little bit of an old earth’.


So, by collating all the excellent theories proposed by the many brilliant minds who believe in creation and by never doubting the Bible’s inerrancy but being open minded to possible new hermeneutic interpretation and accepting all true science and by paying close attention to the detail of Kerr’s/Bullock’s revelations then I can describe and explain:

A creation that thrives for millions of years.

It then experiences a catastrophe of Satan ‘letting fly’ at planet Earth and a subsequent worldwide arc plasma event of Satan and the angels being cast down, this leading to a follow on slow ecological disaster affecting mainly shallow marine and shore side flora and fauna.

Satan continually attempts to makes the world a wilderness as evil is also introduced by him into the world. He moves up the hierarchy of nephesh chay animals and uses all weaponry available to him, multiple catastrophes and recoveries hit the planet.

Eventually, God’s patience snaps and there follows a whole world destruction by a flood and darkness judgement. The darkness comes with a universal shut down and lasts for millions of years and is marked as the K-T extinction event.

All organisms after the K-T extinction are part of a reinstallation programme by God to house his most important creation-Man. Animals and plants are copied from the first creation, some the same, some have modifications from their first creation and some so different as to be classed as  new creations. The new ‘remake’ of genetically rich core animal/plant kinds suffers many catastrophes and recoveries and eventually all that is left is what we have now.

Although, I concede that some of this is speculation, but I still claim that The Long Life-Long Gap Model answers all the ‘problems’:, all the strata is explained, all fossils explained, radiometric data and false ageing explained. Red light shift covered, distant starlight reaching us all accounted for. Young earthers, day age creationist and theistic evolutions all part right but also significantly challenged.

The Bible seems only really to emphasise three major creation/foundation themed events, in the beginning (stretching and creating heaven and earth), on day six creating mankind and the redemption plan getting the go ahead with the Abrahamic covenant. All of these help to confirm Gap theory.

I aim to demonstrate this in the rest of this site beyond any theological and reasonable doubt.

The creation community seem to be worlds apart in their hermeneutics of Genesis 1 and 2, but the fact is Genesis 1 and 2 describe two worlds many years apart.

I submit that the Bible contradicts none of this essay and backs up most of it too and all the answers are simple, straight forward and in plain text and all are explained by The Long Life-Long Gap Model. Check out the ‘Big Metaphor’ link opposite that, I think, confirms it all beyond any theological doubt.

Tell me if I am wrong…


1. A play from the film ‘Blade Runner’ the Tyrell Corporation motto ‘more human than human’

2. Molecular genetics of human microcephaly G H Mochida, CA Walsh here

3  Adapted  from a quote by Stephen Mayer in an evolution v creation debate

Created, made, formed…

Make your mind up….

 Which one is it?…

               Humans, Hominins. Hominids (Less human than human ? [1])

Briefly-Some of the Skull traits found in Neanderthals:

No or ‘flat’ foreheads, a large prominent brow line, post orbital constrictions (a dint behind the eyes) and mid face prognathism (the face sticks out more relative to the eyes/skull) and a wide nose here.  

Neanderthal Features are Seen in Modern Man here are Some of Them: (Pictures above)

1. Nicolae Valuev: no forehead, post orbital constriction, prominent brow line, his skull would likely be classified as Neanderthal or even a missing link between humans and Neanderthals. I should point out an image of Valuev appears in Sandford and Rupe’s book (quoted below) as an example of Neanderthal traits as per above and I would like to also point out that I had already included it in this work and this is not a copied idea. They discuss him in much more detail in their book.

2 .Nicolai Valuev, giantism, rumoured to have hyperpituitarism but not displaying the usual acromegaly traits and physical weakness. Valuev is 7 feet tall but, interestingly, his parents are reported as 5 feet five here.

3 & 4 Small flattened head from Zika virus infection.

5 & 10 Human variety-mid face prognathism (face sticks out more).

6 & 7 & 8 Human variety-wide noses, flat faces, round faces.

9 Prominent brow line-Matt Dawson England rugby international.

11. An unnamed genetic medical condition with a flat forehead and mid face prognathism.

…human variety…

 and human diseases..

..Adam, Eve and other direct Sons of God too?…

home-the history of everything 1 the history of everything 2 the history of everything 3 the history of everything 4 the history of everything 5 asah bara yatsar genesis 1 commentary genesis 2 commentary Gap Theory in the Bible-Jesus Agrees answering gap critics Genesis Similitudes more than just adam evolution really? God's Dawkins' Delusion pick a paradigm seven beginnings foundation of the earth foundation of the world eons of no time ket kerrs revelations on creation kat kerr valiadtion the author  for non christians


relating to meaning in language or logic
















..proper scientists do  not ignore true data…

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**Scripture** More than just Adam #1


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**Scripture** More than just Adam #2


The Human Genome Battered and Frayed by Sin, Disease and Decay but with a Vast Potential for Variety and Possibly Directly Corrupted by the Fallen Ones

Hominins-Definitions used in this text: (there are/were different meanings to these terms)

Primates: all hominids and hominins

Hominid: a member of the family of chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, humans and their ancestors

Hominin: humans and their ancestors, so all hominins are hominids too. All hominids are primates.

But can we tell our ‘mins’ from their ‘omid's, I suggest not.

Sanford and Rupe

I highly recommend the book ‘Contested Bones’ by Dr. John Sanford and Chris Rupe here. A very thorough and diligently written book. If you think that paleo-anthropology points towards humans evolving then think again. Sanford and Rupe have no problem distinguishing humans from apes and readily categorise all hominid fossils in either the ape, chimp, orangutan. australopith or the human category. (They theorise that the australopiths are better explained as being a new distinct ‘type’ from apes, chimps, orangutan and humans). They go on to also theorise that many hominins are just isolated pockets of interbred humans showing genetic abnormalities due to inbreeding. The book really is a must read and if you take nothing else from this web site then I would just say read this book. (Please note: Sandford and Rupe do not indicate which creation theory they subscribe to so, they may well not agree with the some of the views expressed on this site).

Todd Wood

I also refer to Todd Wood’s excellent classification system on Hominins and Humans by use of scatter/cluster diagrams measuring up to 400 parameters in their skeletons. I am happy to use his outcomes with this approach described here.  (Todd is a young earth creationist so he will not agree with some views expressed on this site). He feels that there is enough differences to declare different species of humans rather than variation due to isolated inbreeding and pathology and I find it refreshing that he just says it as the data shows it regardless of what paradigm it challenges (even Christian ones)-a ‘proper’ scientist in my opinion. He again has no problem distinguishing hominids and humans.

Todd Wood, Sandford and Rupe, myself and many other Christians eagerly await new primate fossil discoveries as each one seems to confirm their theories as the tangled mess gets thicker with no smooth transitions existing anywhere.

Al the Dentist for other Dentists

Speaking as a dentist who has looked into thousands of mouths throughout my career, I can confirm I have seen many Neanderthal traits in modern humans both in their jaws and dentition, traits that are supposed to belong to our ancestors. I have to also say that the demarcation lines are difficult and blurred. I have never seen excessively long canines but I have seen longer canines, diastemas (gaps) behind the incisors and canines, narrow arches, large pulp chambers, a large range of retro- and prognathisms, incisor shovelling (all these traits are supposedly Neanderthal).  I have seen  a wide range of supposed Neanderthal like molars and premolars too. (Human teeth themselves are quite difficult to tell apart anyway and I have seen much Neanderthal like variety in them, particularly molars and wisdom teeth.) I have never seen all of these Neanderthal traits in the same mouth though and I have never seen the labially very rounded incisors.

The big issue for me is when I look at the dentitions of the so called hominins, I see dentally fit and perfectly functioning dentitions with good tooth morphology and especially noted are functioning contact points.(contact points are a work of art and very difficult to copy). They would pass my check-ups. There would seem to be no evolutionary pressure for these teeth to evolve at all and no benefit with the possible exception of aesthetics in what they evolved into. If anything the ‘early’ hominins’ teeth look more robust.  Are the teeth changes just a genetic drift? Or does God paint with broad brush strokes, teeth appropriate to the rest of the organism? Almost like an ethnicity + difference. Or, were the additional human creations significantly different. (See later in this page for the biblical evidence for ‘more than just Adam) or is all just pathological? When I look at the hominid fossil record of teeth, I find it easy to say which I think is human or not.

For the dentally minded I refer to a research article (here) on the differences in posterior teeth in Neanderthals, every tooth pictured on this site could be a modern human, especially if wisdom teeth are considered, I suggest.

Biblical Points . Kat Kerr’s Revelation and Aligning the Two

To add to the stances of Sandford and Rupe and Wood and change the conclusions a little based on Kerr’s revelations and my interpretation of scripture.

Genetic Abnormalities

As stated above Rupe and Sandford theorise that hominins are just isolated pockets of inbred humans showing genetic abnormalities due to the inbreeding.

We know that the world at the time of Noah was unimaginably wicked. l(Kat Kerr). (Genesis 6:5)

lKerr also describes the spiritual openly manifesting with the physical and emphasises only 8 people out of millions were assessed as righteous for the arc.

I can imagine wicked and the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah but some hints of what ‘unimaginably wicked’ means are given in Genesis 6. Noah’s genealogy over several generations is described as pure (Genesis 6:9) hinting that many were not ‘genetically’ pure. lKerr also suggests that cannibalism was rife and to repeat, God could only find those few righteous people to save in the arc. The fossil record also confirms evidence of cannibalism. Here.  Cannibalism is also linked with cross infection. Here,

Sin is the root cause of all disease l(Kat Kerr).  By extension, it may be at a society level, that this is a linear relationship and the more sin, the more disease and genetic abnormalities too.

lKerr describes how, in heaven, you can visit a hall of nations and when there, can step in front of a hologram ‘generator’ and it will let you see how you would appear with a different ethnicity. Kerr describes herself as recognisable but different.

This suggests that ethnicities may be a ‘broad brush stroke’ and individual identifying traits are controlled separately. This reminds me of Neanderthals, as they seem to look just like a broad field change and my guess is that epigentics has a lot more functionality than we realise and dark forces could possibly control it. This is not saying genetic manipulation as we currently carry it out but who knows what the potential nefarious mechanisms of the fallen ones may be.

With this in mind and the revelation that Noah’s time was so sinful and all genetic diseases are from sin somewhere along the line, then we may expect to see more disease, more pathology and more genetic abnormalities at a time of unimaginably high levels of sin.   

I also think Satan and his armies are more proactive in the genetic corruption than just isolated pockets of inbreeding humans would produce. Satan is trying to destroy man genetically and physically? Satan will understand genetics. I also suggest that these abnormalities greatly reduce life expectancy. While purebred humans were living at the time to almost one thousand years of age. I would expect the fossil record to reflect this with less ‘purebred’ humans appearing. There are clearly ‘natural’ causes to genetic abnormalities (the creation groaning) but also further ones caused by inbreeding (isolation by location) as suggested by Sanford and Rupe leading to ‘wider ranging’  genetic abnormalities but also supernaturally introduced changes by the fallen ones could be happening too. Satan will do all he can for non-pure humans to survive and pure humans to die.

More on Biblical Genetic Engineering- ‘Less Human than Human’ [1]

Get ready to be shocked if you have not heard of this before but genetic engineering and manipulation is not such a new thing. Fleshy (organic) angels possibly ‘interfered’ with the human Genome and created hybrids.   (Genesis 6:2+comment)  (Genesis 6:4+comment)  (Genesis,6:9+Comment).  (Deuteronomy 2:21)

Something similar is going to happen in the future also.  (Daniel 2:43+Comment)  

The angels that were instrumental in this attempted genocide were reserved an especially severe judgement. (Joel 1:6,+Comment)  

I find it very interesting that Nicolae Valuev (pictured above) who displays many of the traits of Neanderthals (post orbital pinch, no forehead, large brow) and is 7 feet tall (Genesis 6 giants) and also is reported to suffer with other pathology (pituitary gland tumour). There is no doubt in my mind that he would be classified as a missing link if his skull were to be found in the fossil record. I can just imagine the hubris filled headlines ‘See how Neanderthal lost their mid face prognathism and briefly got taller as they evolved into humans’.

Adam Looked ok

lKerr was given a revelatory vision of the lifeless body of Adam just prior to God breathing life into him. She described him as looking ‘pretty good’. I venture to say that Adam looking ‘pretty good’ did not have a large brow line, a post orbital constriction or significant mid face prognathism and I also think he will have had a ‘normal’ forehead. I think the Neanderthal trends may well be pathological changes whether they be genetic, inflammatory, development, infective or nefariously spiritually induced. There is also the possibility that God’s later created humans were significantly different.

‘In his image’ is synonymous with ‘like the most high’

I highly recommend a presentation by Robin Bullock (here). He stresses that Satan, was enraged by the creation of man ‘in his image’ and wanted to be ‘like the most high’ too.  The staggering gifts pre-fallen man had even made Satan want them too. He also describes how, in his rage, Satan tried to deliberately destroy man’s home-Earth but also wanted to have a ‘part’ fleshy himself. The seed of Genesis 3:15 being, in part, Satan’s attempts at such (and in either creation). Bullock was given a vision of some of these genetic engineering attempts. Australopithecus springs to my mind form his description and if this happens in the first creation then all of these will appear before any humans in the stratigraphic column.

Wood’s classification system here puts several non-human looking Hominins in the human category. This may well be so but the variation from the normal would seem to be outside the current range as no such variation seems to be occurring now.

The diversification into ethnicities that happened at the tower of Babel led to humans that would be almost indistinguishable from each other in the fossil record. The ethnicity phenotypes of today are superficial only and this is consistent with humans being more limited in their diversification.

A search on Google Scholar with key words ‘skull abnormalities and genetics gave 50,500 results. Further searches with various combinations of key words ‘skull’ ‘abnormalities’ ‘genetics’ and ‘prognathism’ brought equally large numbers of results, one of which is here [2]

The gist is that there are many genetic, degenerative and infective conditions that can change skeletal and cranial morphology and I think it likely that there may be many inflammatory and genetic conditions that were around in the times of Noah but not around now.

The Fossil Record of Hominins

According to Kerr’s revelations and the Bible and my interpretations thereof, Adam and Eve were around 6 days after the start of the Cenozoic. So, humans have been around from then until now which means the Paleogene, Neogene, and Quaternary; and seven epochs: the Palaeocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene, and Holocene are altogether less then 10 thousand years old. The diversification of all species must have happened in that time frame. (Even tighter than that is all present day land and bird species since Noah’s flood)

There is a gap of significant time between the end of the cretaceous extinction when no life is present. I would expect to see this gap in all accurate dating methods regardless of the significant calibration issues that must be there if this web site is correct. This apparent gap maybe masked by a shutdown of atomic decay by God making ‘a darkness you can feel’ in and surrounding planet Earth.

Basically, the gap should, I believe, show up. My stance is: Neanderthals are not our original predecessors as such but some humans and Neanderthals will both share the same original predecessor in Adam, Eve or some other of the first creations of God. As they are human some Neanderthals may be ancestors to some of us too.

So, a  proactive genetic manipulator Satan producing ‘seed’ (Genesis 3:15)-as human as he can do, for his own fleshy vessel and in both creations. With him also trying to destroy the human genome, rampant disease, inbreeding, increased genetic abnormalities all possibly affecting humans more than today. Along with chimp orangutan , gorilla and possibly australopith kinds all changing within their kind. All dates blurred by a changing rate of atomic decay. Well, good luck picking the bones out of that lot and also even better luck putting them in chronological order with a smooth transition from an ape like animal to man!


The whole of creation groans not just a part of it, but every single component of it. (Romans 8:22)

To repeat, if sin is the ultimate cause of all disease then that means that sin is the cause of all genetic abnormalities and mutations also. The ‘fallen state’ that all creatures are now born into after the fall impinged on all genomes.  Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens must have changed in character or location to become pathogenic (or we have weakened immune system somehow to let them become pathogens or both). This makes disease an inbuilt potential realised with the corruption of genomes and weakening of the flesh-dominance of this flesh over the spirit.

Continuing Care-Quick Diversification and New Species after Catastrophes

(a slight nod to theistic evolutionists)

‘God still does it’

Should the creation fall into sin and ‘groan’ then, I suggest, as above, a built in potential will kick in and the perfect designs for predation will come to the fore, benign microorganisms will diversify and inbuilt restraints will be lost and a potential for pathogenicity will appear. Everything will age and will die.

God’s blessing to be fruitful and multiply is, I believe, an ongoing blessing not a ‘one off’ but more a statement of continuing care (Genesis 1:20-23). The mechanism of this blessing will be likely unfathomable and seamless but will, I suggest, bring with it the selection of the best genotype/phenotype prodigy to be the most successful in the prevailing conditions and ecosystems. A little nudge or twist here and there if you like. God ‘favouring’ something.

I believe God will have selected the most genetically appropriate animals for the ark not only at the time of the arc but from the beginning of creation, the perfect genotype will be lined up. Always the right genome, right place, right time. A Lord of logistics.

lKat Kerr describes how God specifically chose our ancestors so that we would be on Earth at this time (the Kingdom Age). Genetic manipulation? but all involved had free will? God chooses us as spirits and joins us to the exact genotype body that will ‘fit’ our spirit ‘type’ for his perfect plan. The exact sperm and egg must be used. What is the mechanism for that? Apparently random spermatozoa, random eggs, random freewill coupling of parents, yet still the exact match genotype will be obtained. A Lord of minuscule logistics.

The mechanism for this new and rapid speciation of animals? I picture DNA in a nucleus looking like a barrel full of very long earthworms wriggling around all over the place and some seemingly random bits breaking off and re-joining somewhere else. But they are not really random at all. I believe multiple genetic changes may occur, way beyond chance mutations (see about the woodpecker here) all to produce a new species but the same kind. Yes, God remains the project manager.

Of course  ‘random’ does not possess omniscience {2} so could not produce these balanced ecosystems changing together, or new proteins that happen to match up with other proteins The whole creation is ‘uttering speech’ with its changeability and constant beauty. This is about as close to theistic evolution as I get.

What a work this creation is?

So, yes God does intervene and yes He did do it and He still does do it too but I do not know how and I cannot see the join where he chooses to intervene. God is in those genetic details.

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Kat Kerr does not endorse this web site. You can hear for yourself her revelations on Kat Kerr’s own web sites:  

Kat Kerr.com

Copyright © SynergyWorking

All rights reserved

Author: Alan Parsonage

Allowed with credit for non profit and teaching. Appropriate attribution must be given.

Content may not be altered. NB Kat Kerr and other authors must be asked for permission for their own revelation and quotes.

Please note although I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible there may be differences between Kat Kerr’s revelations and my interpretation of them and I advise that you check them out directly.

All Bible quotes and links are from the superb resource Blue Letter Bible here

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**Similitude** The Big kosmos-ruah Metaphor


Please also check out:


My Heavenly Father, The Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, my encouragers, who. I believe  have guided me through this process and given me a shove and twist here and there and spoken to me with numbers to produce this web site.

The prodigious Kat Kerr. .I highly recommend her books, YouTube clips and podcasts which will, I believe greatly enhance your theology knowledge as Daniel predicted would happen. (Daniel 12:4) .  Kerr is available at RevealingHeaven.com  KatKerr.com

A modern day prophet Robin D Bullock. His prophecies come true. His insights into God creating Adam and Adam’s pre fall gifts and his revelation into the Abrahamic Covenant reveal much Here

Stephen E Dill and his book ‘In The Beginnings’ here, A pivotal resource for me, excellent and thorough. Steven is a strong advocate of Gap Theory and also a brother and someone who has freely given his time to help me. An excellent iron sharpener and a special thank you. Please note Steven does not agree with some of the theological views expressed on this site.

The incomparable Chuck Missler, I highly recommend his expositional commentaries on all the books of the Bible which are always my first port of call for hermeneutics.. Koinonia House is his portal web site here

Barry Setterfield (Setterfield is a passionate young earth creationist and this means he will disagree with much of this web site) with his vast knowledge on so many subjects and his brilliant insights on light speed and atomic behaviours and his ability to speak in layman's terms. It was Setterfield who first introduced me to the concept of variable speed of light. here

Kurt Wise: Immense knowledge on all things geological and wonderful enthusiasm here and a very moving testimony.here (Wise is a passionate young earth creationist and this means he will disagree with much of this web site)

Todd Wood For his excellent summaries and categorisations of Hominins/Hominids and definitions thereof. A proper scientist ‘he just says it as it is’ here

Stephen C Meyer. In my opinion the sharpest mind either side of the creation v evolution debate. here

James Tour: A synthetic chemist and another ‘proper scientist’. He knows how hard it is to make the building blocks of life ‘that formed by accident?. In my opinion knows all there is to know about abiogenisis here.

LA Marzullie for his work on Genesis 6, extra-dimensionals masquerading as and being mistaken for extra-terrestrials.. The Indiana Jones of Christianity here

John H Parsonage-My brother on Earth and in Christ who gave me little nudges here and there.

Genesis Geology and the Bible by Gaines R Johnson. Another excellent and pivotal resource for me,  an excellent GAP reference site. here

Sandford and Rupe: The book ‘Contested Bones '. Invaluable, thorough and diligent here

Blue Letter Bible-in my opinion the best Bible software out there.

Answers in Genesis (has a young earth stance but an excellent resource) here

Creation.com: An excellent creation resource with a scientific approach here

Images:  Pexels, Pixabay, Alamy, Mercea Lancu, Domain Pictures, Lightstock, Lumo project, Nasa images-(NASA does not endorse this web site)


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